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Lord of Water

It’s so good to catch up with you all!

I am just at the tail end of handling another precious water planet. Science Fiction, Best New Fantasy Fiction, I tell you, these evil beings that sneak in will do anything to suck the life out of each precious water jewel that we have.

Don’t worry, we stopped em again.

So please do take the task at hand seriously.The future of our precious water resource has already been set. It is now the responsibility of every man, woman and child to protect this blue-3 and preserve the generations for so many millions more to come.

We do come back. If you think that we can leave it all to our children and that we will be long gone when it is too late! Then think again.

Our drinking water is alive and will rejuvenate. But do not think for one minute that we can continue to abuse this life animating source of wonder without any consequence. Love and care for our drinking water and it will return to you the life that this planet is capable of generating. In abundance more that man will ever require.

Follow my journey. You can make a difference.

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He’s doing a great job.

See you on the other side

Lord of Water



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