Lord of Water II - Global Evaporation

The Impossible is about to occur. Another water planet evaporated and the nuclear compressed water transported to a black hole of pure evil….

Cover lord of water II
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Lord of Water II

A Precious Water Planet is scheduled for Global Evaporation

Trying to understand the logic of a dark being, bourn from the darkness of a black hole is quite an impossible cognition to achieve. But without the bravery to confront true evil, the universe in itself would start to slowly and irreversibly crumble into a black hole itself.

Our Lord of Water faces the impossible and takes you through the challenges of unimaginable odds, to step by step unfold the defence of this precious water planet.

Join our Lord of Water on this personal journey as he takes on the impossible odds of saving yet another water planet of our universe.

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Lord of Water

Cover lord of water II

Lord of Water II

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