Lord of Water II - Blue 3

The story falls full circle, back to Blue 3 where it had all begun. Such a precious planet, yet pointed on a trajectory to not only global destruction, but global incarcerations for the beings of this world.

The Lord of Water Journey
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Lord of Water

For the life of this universe, there have been a chosen few who have taken the responsibility of its growth and creation.

To ensure that a stable environment has been provided for the phenomena and interaction of life force beings that have chosen to take their journey through time and into this arena. With the continual lives and billions and trillions of other amazing life forms, there were just a few stable agreements that had to, no matter what the cost, had to stay in place so that these dynamics could continue their creation and achieve the purpose of their life goals.

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Cover lord of water

Lord of Water

Cover lord of water II

Lord of Water II

The Lord of Water Journey

Lord of Water III

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