Lord of Water III – Blue 3

Chapter 1 – Abuse to Insanity

Pictures continued to flash, accompanied by sharp jolts of pain. Life so far had been a complete dream and haven of safety. Surrounded by love and happiness, this fetus grew stronger and stronger by the day. The surrounding womb vibrated with love, music, peace and serenity. 

The shocks came in waves with no warning at all, and were then followed with hours or restless unconsciousness obscured by submersion into strongly sedative drugs that were being injected into the system of one highly distressed mother.

“This one is something else,” muttered the psychiatric nurse to his male shift counterpart. “If she wasn’t pregnant, I sure wouldn’t mind giving her some more!”

“When did that ever stop you!” said male counterpart as he smiled and reached to fondle the breasts of the unconscious patient. The first nurse slid his hand up the inside and smooth skin of the patient’s leg, right up until he found what he was looking for.

Inside, the fetus could feel the strong vibration of protest and rejection that flowed through, that had been his warm and nurturing body, before this storm of enturbulation had all begun.

John entered the hospital after returning from his 6 week shift on the oil rigs. After a 24 hour flight and busting through the strong administration system that barred even the closest of relatives from being able to see the ones that they love, he found his beautiful and intimate partner in a drugged stupor, unconsciousness in what appeared to be an unattended and uncared for unit of the so called hospital that was supposed to help her. It stunk of urine and fear with the insane mutterings of other half unconscious patients echoing through the corridors. This was the unit of involuntary incarceration.

John had been on the rigs in the middle of the North Sea when he was given the alarming news that Nora had been admitted to hospital due to a critical emergency, described to him as a “Severe Mental Breakdown.” 

This was not the Nora that he knew. He knew an incredibly beautiful and strong minded woman, strongly independent being his soul partner building a future together. It was found out that, after questioning the warden nurse, with extremely bad manners, that she was giving Nora a “Compulsory Mental Health Check” for all pregnant women taking their regular check ups, Nora suddenly found herself brutally strapped to a stretcher by three strong males and screaming for help. Another “Crazy Women” wheeled off through the corridor into the Mental Health Unit of the hospital to be sedated. 

Nora’s interview with the resident psych didn’t go much better. Now in a drugged state due to the enforced injections, the brief assessment for urgent treatment was shortly followed with Nora being wheeled into the ECT Unit to begin the first series of Electroconvulsive Shock “Treatment” Sessions.

John, despite the deeply withheld urge to smash and murder each and every mental health worker in the unit, knew better and spoke in a very concerned and definite manner to the resident nurse and psych. He had already taken the precautionary steps of contacting his lawyer before entering the ward and held specific instructions backed by a lodgement number to the Health Administration Ombudsman that would prevent him from also being retained. His gentle presentation of the Ombudsman Lodgement Number and his Lawyer contact details gained him the adequate attention he required.

Before the evening had ended, John had managed to have his Nora transferred to a private institution where she would now have the chance to recuperate from the shock “treatment” and slowly assisted to clean the paralyzing drugs from her system.

Nora woke, staring at John now asleep on the bedside chair. She felt that she had woken from a car accident and really had no recall of where she was or how she had gotten there. She just stared at him, admiring him as she always had. But each time she closed her eyes, nightmarish images of pain and shock flashed in front of her like a horror movie screen right under her eyelids. She trembled and was unable to hold back the emotion for a moment longer as tears now streamed down her face.

John woke to find the mother of his child lying on her side weeping and it looked as though she had been in this state for god knows how long. He instantly slid the chair up to the side of the bed and leaned his head close into his loved one as he always would do when it was time to say goodbye or when words just weren’t enough to express the feeling.

“What have they done to me?” Nora moaned and again burst into tears. Violated, shocked and abused as she was and had been, it was in fact eight days that she was exposed to this. An exceptional and strongly sane woman, she was able to push through the evil intent of the practitioner that lay well below her consciousness, “You will be fine. You won’t remember a thing,” the evil patter of the practitioner.

“They tried to destroy me. That fucking psych at the hospital tried to destroy me and my baby. Oh Fuck!” she wailed as John held her. 

Nora continued to sob and sob for hours and the days to come. She would never be the same. The damage done was permanent and even John knew that a large part of his amazing woman was no longer there.

“It’s ok, Baby! I’m taking you to the lake house. They’ll never touch you again. I promise!”


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