Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 1 – Set Sail

 The moon fell away and the gravitational lift of the water abated. The intense energy of this annual epiphany dropped away as the king tide circled out and down across the globe. The next day would see the highest tides of the solar year through all the continents just as it had been for billions of years beforehand.

Gary regained his disposition of relaxation and cheekiness. Mila took her man’s arm and strolled the deck, holding his hand, flowing admiration and warmth toward him and him to her in his boyish and warm way. Below the lean hull of Hi-Sun, the dorsal pilots finished their bruising assault on the slicer sharks leaving them scanting like wild scavenger dogs yelping below the waves.

“Which way, my Lord?” called Gary. 

Our young Lord just turned his head out over the horizon, 

“We will follow the systems to the other side my fine rhyming captain. We have but half a year to get to the other side.” 

“Let’s go, go, go,” called Gary with Max and Pei scampering in all directions straightening the decks and trying to look busy. 

“That was pretty wild” Mila whispered into the young Lord’s ear. “You had me going there. I thought that I had lost you, but refused to believe it.” 

“I’m here, Mila. Our fun has only just begun. We have half a year. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime?”

“Of course my handsome man. I wouldn’t miss this for all the fish in the sea.” Mila leaned her forehead on his and just pressed as close as she could. Both smiling and holding each other tight. He gave her the secure feeling that he would never let her go.

“Come on, let’s give Gary a rouseabout” 

They both strolled across the bridge and just loafed there while Gary and his 

wild crew prepped Hi-Sun for the start of another awesome adventure.

“Take a grip,” hollered Gary as Hi-Sun took a slicing launch into the ocean below. The whole crew steadied as she built her momentum and then Gary, out of nowhere, started to laugh. The whole crew joined in laughing and enjoying the exhilaration as once again they started to chase the sun’s tail.

“To the other side we shall sail, my Lord of Water.” Gary looked prouder than any seasoned captain on all the seas. Everyone laughed and sang and laughed even harder. Then Gary turned, everyone falling into silence. Our Lord of Water knew exactly where he was coming from and need not say a word. It suddenly dawned on him how they had been together for so long and still hadn’t exchanged this ridiculous but customary formality. 

“It’s totally fine, Gary! My name is Shane.”

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