Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 10 – First Sightings

From that night onwards, Gary and I had a complete unspoken agreement. We both knew that we were running into the unknown to a certain degree. As far as I had experienced in the past, the program is the same. They send in mining missions manned with stupid beings driving high powered mining machines with only one purpose. Find Water Planets, Suck All of the Water That There is and Convert the Energy Into Condensed Antimatter and Return Through the Wormhole From Which We Came.

I figure that there must be an infinite number of universes and many of them are probably being mined and raped, on a constant basis, by these dark beings, stealing the life energy in whatever way they can. There is no doubt in my mind on what we are going to find. They always make contact in the outer orbit and will always have a fleet with enough resources to drain a planet completely dry.

Gary seemed to have changed before my eyes. He had always been on board, no doubt, but before this point, he was just following an intention and a purpose line driven by belief. Now I had no doubt about what I could see in front of me with this incredible captain. He had not a breath of doubt. There was an invading, intergalactical force, and we were the only hope for this planet.

The days had now become much shorter as the seasons changed. We chased Lady Sun’s tail into the horizon, and with yet another evening soon to pass, the first stars appeared and the red glow in the sky slowly turned to night. 

“Shane!” called Gary, “To the horizon left and right, there seems to be a Rig of sorts.”

Gary indicated the two locations on the horizon. Left and right of our direction, there was a glow of activity and protruding from the horizon what appeared to be some type of structure glowing with an electromagnetic field.

“Gary, just continue in the direction that we follow. They have no awareness of our presence other than that of an ocean whale or native form of this planet..”

“Well, I suppose they see us exactly as we are then, my lord,” said Gary.

“That is right, Gary. That’s a good thing. We should not be seen as a threat in any way. We have many hours till we are close enough for better evaluation. I will retire early to ensure that my sleep is sufficient. When we are within clear view of the first rig, come and wake me and we will see what we have.”

“The Rig on the right seems to be the closest one.”

“Then the Rig on the right it is. Set your line and have Max and Pei take over. I need you to sleep early as well for I need you fully on your toes when the fun begins.”

I retired with Mila and not a word was needed to be said. It was time now only for sleep. No words would change a thing and our most valuable weapon would be our own personal energy and clear logic that can only be guaranteed after proper rest had been acquired.

Mila lay facing me and smiled with a look of strong confidence right into the center of my beingness. She knows that I have done this before and that we were about to experience the most fulfilling tasks of our journey.

Gary also retired as he knew very well what Shane would be asking of him in the many hours and days to come. Hi-Sun drove steadily through the ocean swell towards the first Rig. Max and Pei manned the helm and prepared themselves mentally for the following events that would be very soon upon them all.

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