Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 11 – The First One

I could feel the negative energy drifting through the door. Mila sat up with me and we returned to the deck to see how close we had come. 

Gary was already at the helm with Max and Pei now both taking their rest. 

“Do you recognize this big ugly beast, Shane?” Gary asked without looking away from the massive Rig that sat close now . 

“I am familiar with this death machine, Gary.”

“I feel like I can almost touch it. Look at the size of that beast,” said Gary, amazed.

It had been such a long time. There was no time for any doubts or reservations. They are here, and if not stopped very quickly, the momentum of their mining will begin to escalate and the water would be stripped from the globe faster than we could save it.

“Waiting for your orders, my Lord.”

“It appears that they have not begun mining as of yet, Gary. There is a bit of setup for them to actually lock into the crust and all line up with each other, but once they get rolling, then we are in trouble. The Rigs are no different than any other machine built in this universe. They require energy and they burn energy and they have a waste exhaust that is constantly disposing from some back doorway.”

“So these three-legged mushrooms have to take a crap in our oceans?” Gary laughed in his normal cheeky manner.

“That’s right, Gary. They do have to get rid of the waste that they produce. Firstly there is that of their own, but more damaging is the concentration of salts and minerals that they will strip from the ocean waters. They are only after the pure elements of life force and energy. The rest they just strip out of the water and as you said, “Crap” it out the back. This is where the balance of the planet starts to tip over. These Rigs all lock into the core and as a parasitical group, get themselves all set up and ready to start ripping. They will test and coordinate between themselves as a group and continue to set until they are all as one ready. Then, as a swarm, they will commence ripping the elements out of the water and converting it.”

“Shane, that big fat mushroom looks quite impenetrable. You’re really going to have to help me with this one. If we are to get you inside so that you are able to do your thing. How do we get in?”

“As you so well stated, Gary, they do have to crap. There is a fault in them, and we will be able to access the wastage point somewhere close in where the rear leg enters the upper Rig casing. Don’t worry yourself too much, we’ll be able to get up fairly close and see exactly where it is that I am aiming for. We are not dealing with an armed force here. This is a thieving operation that we are looking at.”

Gary nodded silently. He eased Hi-Sun up even closer at what was obviously the front of the giant Rig. Further across the horizon, another and behind that another stood in line waiting for what appeared to be a marching order. We eased in behind the rear leg and up underneath we were able to see the opening of the large leg joints that fixed into the base. Just below that, an opening was visible with a platform lowered just below it. 

“We have come just at the right time Shane, look at that,” said Gary.

The large metallic sheet above the platform opened wider and down dropped large piping that lowered down and off the back of the platform. Just a few dribbles of some black watery sludge sloshed out of the pipe and fell to the ocean below. It finished up, but the pipe stayed in place with the doors wide open.

Gary continued, 

“It looks like it’s just getting comfortable and settling in for the long haul.”

“You couldn’t be more correct, Gary. Once these Rigs start pumping, they will not stop until the water level has dropped lower than the ocean floor that they stand on. There is time yet for us to set up and get ready to topple this whole operation over. They are set to start on the outer slingshot of our orbit. Once our precious water planet again begins its return from the outer ellipse, there is less resistance of gravitational flow on the ocean tides. That is when they start ripping with the intention of leaving us dry before it once again returns to the inner orbit.”

“So that’s when our “Marshal” calls in the cavalry yeh?”

“That’s right Gary. There is however, one more hazard that I have lapsed in telling you about. It’s ship called the Monitor. We need to stay well unnoticed from this ship.”

“The Monitor!” Gary exclaimed, “What in the devil is the Monitor!”

“I am sorry to have to drop this one on you, mate, but the Monitor is the intelligence behind this operation. This is the slave master to the drivers of each Rig. He is a completely different kettle of fish. This is why we have to play this game so carefully. We have no technology that they are interested in or threatened by. All they see is a small native boat that looks more like a tiny fishing vessel. We are putting out no signals to be noticed from. Intelligent and powerful that they may be, they are well below the thought wave of which we communicate through, along with the line that I have with the dorsal pilots below. We will not be detected.”

“Well, that’s a bit of a relief, Shane. And what would happen if we were detected?”

“We would be fried.”

“Oh, great!” Gary sighed, “Fried, boiled little fish. More great news.”

“It’s ok big fella, I know that you are up for it.”

Gary just laughed and shook his head and then burst into a sea man’s jig of high seas and danger.

Mila looked at me with her normal cheeky grin and rolled her eyes.

“You certainly handled that well, Shane. You don’t think that Gary has lost it now do you?”

“He’ll be ok. This is the adventure that he has been waiting for all of his life, but I guess there isn’t much that I could have done to prepare him for this one other than to bring him here as we have,” 

Shane paused and looked back at the line of Rigs.

“I need to see how long this line of Rigs actually is. They will all be on this side of the globe and will have positioned themselves so that they are high on the outer side of this final orbit. There could be a dozen or so. At first we will chase out a little further to see if we are not here on the outer one in the line. They will stay within no more than the span of the horizon apart so that they are able to see each other and coordinate as a team, or more like a swarm, I should say.”

Gary turned Hi-Sun to the horizon away from the line, heading out to check that we were on the outer edge of this line. He sang loudly into the night, but his crazy cheer also had a tone of bravery that warmed the crew and kept our spirits high now that we really were on the battle line.

Although a little shocked, Gary knew that the stakes had not changed at all; everything to lose and everything to win, eternity. To be now sailing right in and about the feet of this alien force certainly was in line with the cheeky spirit of this crew that had been with them all along.

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