Lord of Water I – A Precious Water Planet

Chapter 13 – Parasite

 The mood of the whole crew seemed to be drifting. Mila was now wrestling with Hi-Sun, Max and Pei were arguing. Gary looked like he was in a haze. I just couldn’t put my finger on it, and I couldn’t move.

I looked across to Gary and he was looking back at the stars once again. He looked down and back across to me as tears started to stream down his face. The skies started to split and a large alien vessel surrounded by crackling sparks of static electricity began to lower down above us, just to the left. Mila stayed as she was, wrestling with Hi-Sun with Max and Pei completely ignoring Gary’s call to arms.

Gary was yelling hard, but no noise was coming from his mouth. He was sweating in a frantic panic. All I could do was stand there and watch as this vessel lowered in closer. It’s wings crackling with static arcs that stretched out across the horizon thicker than any lightning bolts I had ever seen. The vessel settled right above where we were trying to establish a drop zone. 

A hum started to build in volume until we all knelt in agony. Max dived over the edge of Hi-Sun with Pei screaming at the rail watching her partner fall into the abyss of now black water. Hi-Sun lost all momentum and began to slide back down towards the ocean’s surface with dying pace. Everything was failing and Gary was now hunched at his knees wailing in agonized loss.

Mila fell to the ground and was now unconscious. I tried to move but was unable. I just froze like a helpless, lost child. We hit the water’s surface and our wonderful dorsal pilots were smashed apart. The first one was hit and the slicer sharks started taking them one at a time, tearing them apart into a bloody mess of shredded frenzy. The dorsals had all lost their power and within seconds were torn apart by the slicer sharks.

The vessel went silent and then, BOOM! A massive beam thrust vertically down into the ocean, spearing into the water and driving a parasitical vacuum into this only moments ago precious clean planet. Mila stood and looked at me in lost despair. She was crying and looked at me with grief of which I have never seen before. She reached for me to take her, but just as our hands were about to touch, Hi-Sun lifted and split in two right between the both of us. We were thrown apart as Hi-Sun now became a billion splinters, Mila and I both falling apart and losing sight of each other forever.

I opened my eyes and sat up straight sweating and panic stricken. It took a moment for me to realize that I was sitting on the side of our bed. I was covered in sweat and was shaking like I had never felt fear before. 

Mila was lying beside me in a calm and peaceful sleep. Outside was as calm as ever and if anything, the pressure systems had all come to a lovely quiet null. I touched Mila’s forehead and then stepped out onto the deck of Hi-Sun. Max and Pei were the only two on deck and both smiled as I stepped closer towards them. I stood at the helm beside Max. Pei stepped across to make me a warm glass of milk and barley. She handed it to me and I enjoyed the warmth as it slid down and into my stomach. 

The pictures of the dream slowly disappeared and I gained my orientation once again. We are very close now. Today is the day, and if all runs smoothly, I will be able to make contact with the White Sapphire Crystal.

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