Lord of Water I – A Precious Water Planet

Chapter 15 – Location

 He moved so powerfully. I had instantly become a part of him as we dove to the bottom of the ocean. I’d forgotten how easy it was to form the water about me and how little effort it required to generate my own breathing space. I have been slacking for too many years.

The slicer sharks followed closely on our flanks, but they were no threat to our guard of dorsals. I could easily feel the location now and my main dorsal just turned with my thoughts, deeper and deeper into the blue. It was now time for the Crystal to luminate as the sun above was fully blocked by the moon between us and the depths of water was far too much for the eclipsed light to penetrate. I drew together all of the particles of fluorescent creatures that lit up the depths of all our deep sea and a large glow formed about us.

As we neared the ocean’s floor, I could feel the gravitational forces centering into our final location. My dorsal duplicated my thoughts exactly and it was no longer necessary for me to guide him. We had the spot both within our touch. 

It had been 1 million years since the last calibration, so as always, the Crystal would not be easily seen. We settled on top of a mound that fell deep to either side. Peering down at the apex, there was nothing more than abundant ocean growth and deep sea creatures all around. The Crystal with its incredible ability to camouflage into the location that it is placed would not be visible to any entity even at close inspection. 

With my main dorsal I drew a tight circular spiral around the apex of this mountain. The other dorsals joined to increase the drawing force. We formed a spiraling current of water and began to draw off of the top any loose debris and life forms that had made this mountain their home. A little bit of an upset, but a small price to pay for the continuing survival of it all.

The mountain top cleared away and all that remained were solid stone and some larger ocean life forms holding on to their home. We slowed down and all cleared around us. My dorsal warriors formed a guard about me and I was able to settle just above the central location of the Crystal. I formed more fluorescent creatures to illuminate the peak, but still there was nothing to be seen. I then gave that one command that had suddenly come to my mind, “Be Seen!” and there she formed right before my eyes. Right where she had been all this time.

A perfect White Sapphire Crystal was there right in front of us as it had been for one million rotations past plus so many more. I passed my hand across the glow and the map of our current location pinged into three dimensions about us.  Planetary location, surface area dimension, rotational views, readings of purity and most importantly, a timeline of predicted communications from within this sector of the universe. 

My heart stopped and I blinked my eyes over and over again, “No!”

All the years that I had spent loafing with no sense of urgency whatsoever had all lead to this. I was too late. Such a simple task to carry out, but one second over the 1 million year time limit meant danger and possible extinction for a planet abundant in life and spiritual community for billions. It had destabilized too much. All of these easy days added up to nothing as here I am staring at the Crystal with “extreme emergency” loaded up across it’s time line. There was RED.

Damn it! There is nothing that I can do here and now on my own and I am left with no choice other than to call out for a cleaner. I checked the calibration once again and the Crystal was locked as surely as the eclipse would drop away from Lady Sun in just moments to come. I passed my hand through the Crystal as long as I could and without the slightest pause, as I had already wasted a lifetime loafing, I chose a call for help. 

The three dimensional display collapsed and the ray of red shot like a laser straight up and into the centre of Lady-Sun above us and behind the still-eclipsing moon. The command had been sent out and within half a year a cleaner unit would arrive locking itself in on the outer slingshot of the planetary orbit. This had never happened to me before and after what I now had to accomplish to clean up this mess, I swear this will never happen again.

The Crystal closed up in front of me and above the light of the abating eclipse began to move down on us. I had been so engulfed in the Crystal that I had not even noticed what was happening all about me. My main dorsal was holding a fierce defense just above. And above him there were my other dorsal warriors in combat with slicer sharks. The sheer superiority of the dorsals now showed as the attacking slicer sharks were smashed and battered about the waters above me. I was part of an ultimate fighting team protected by the best, but why would the slicers be attacking. What is their purpose?

I could then feel a presence that was nothing I had come across ever before on this planet. I felt, for the first time, fear and anxiety. What was this. Then out of the dark water below me and to my side appeared dark evil forms that made the slicer sharks look like fish bait. They were coming straight at me and with my dorsal warriors above me in violent combat, I had nothing. I sat like a bloodworm on a fish hook, ready to be swallowed whole.

These dark evil entities were slick and powerful. Then as they closed in, the front two seemed to momentarily smile at me with glistening, mass rows of razor sharp teeth. I went to move but had not a chance of hiding. My defense was nothing and just as I thought of my main dorsal, it was too late. I didn’t even see a thing.

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