Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 15 – Time to Run Guys

Shane left the operator in his chair to weep by itself. He took the unconscious alien and slid it across the floor and onto the deck of the elevator platform. He then lowered it to the bottom deck and dragged it out to the edge of the disposal shaft. He had forgotten how smelly these dirty slave beings could be. 

Leaving the unconscious mass on the floor, he returned to the deck to coerce the operator out of its seat and while it continued to sob uncontrollably, led it downstairs to the same deck from where they would exit. Shane walked it to the edge of the deck and, at that moment, a dorsal rose from the water. Shane pushed the alien off balance and into the open mouth of the dorsal as it engulfed the alien and dropped back into the ocean below.

He winced and the thought of the disgusting taste the dorsals all would have to endure over the following days.

Shane then slid the still unconscious one to the edge and rolled it over. The next dorsal took the unconscious body, just as gently, back under the ocean surface. He placed his hand on the Rig as if reassuring it that it would just stay where he had left it in line with the other 18 Rigs. Shane arched out graciously and pierced the ocean surface alongside the head dorsal waiting for him below.

Shane and the school of dorsals, along with the two alien slaves, slid gently under the water’s surface and out of range towards Hi-Sun and her crew waiting eagerly for their return. Shane lifted to the height of the main deck with the aid of his main man and stepped smoothly onto Hi-Sun as if he had walked right off a jetting landing. Shane turned to gesture for Gary and the crew to aid him. Both aliens, one in a sobbing state of shock and the other, now starting to slowly come out of unconsciousness, landed up into the hands of the crew and were both placed gently onto the deck in a recovering position.

“Oh my God,” called Gary as he burst into a state of glee, “You certainly have been deep sea fishing tonight haven’t you then.” 

Shane gave Gary that cheeky smirk that he had now become quite accustomed to delivering.

“I hope that Max and Pei don’t have to cook those things for dinner. They don’t look very tasty at all.”

Gary had gotten him. Shane now was unable to hold back his cool demeanor. The whole crew burst into laughter. All the while the operator sat sobbing and now the other one had started to awaken becoming somewhat aware that he was someplace he had no idea of, among the company of a very unfamiliar type. 

Shane excused himself to the crew and walked across to this unsightly looking creature that was now gazing with the look of making a sudden escape. He placed his hand on its forehead and again began the Separator, rolling it back through the eons of slave membership and even further back to the earliest crimes that it had committed that had brought about its entrapment in the first place. It let out a disgusting wail of eternal torture and regret with all crew members covering their ears in shock as this long lost soul, for the first time in eons, was able to take a long hard look at itself, awakening from the imprisonment of amnesia that it had been sentenced to.

Max and Pei somehow brought these two familiar entities together and they seemed to be of comfort to each other. They sat now, both more peacefully together on the side of the deck. Shane turned once again to Gary ready to start explaining what was done. He then stood blankly at what had now risen up over the horizon and was heading directly for the line of Rigs.

“Oh! My! God!”

Another unpredictable event was in the works. Could any one of our heroes have the slightest chance of predicting this one?

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