Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 16 – What an Evil Pri…

The Trade Vessel moved through the water just like the “King of the Ocean” it had been for so many millennia past. He flashed the scars of immortal trade and dominance of the planets ocean spans carving stronger than he ever had through the clean ocean swells. Driving such a solid and proud line.

The vessel was manned with a skilled crew of sea men. All posted on deck as the early morning began to lift behind him, reaching left and right, engulfing the horizon with a new day. But the line of Rigs was not a natural landmark of this precious water planet and with little reason to be looking for such structures on a planet as clean as this, he was already too close before any chance of a turning curve or halt in momentum would be possible.

“Oh My God!” said Shane speaking to himself in horror, as much as anyone else. He knew what was about to occur and there was not a thing that he would be able to do about it.

Up in the clouds, Slab turned to his screen and smiled as he observed the large glow of life force charging steadily into his line of rigs. He leaned his joystick to the left and sat above directly in front of the approaching vessel,

“This job sure does have its moments,” he muttered to himself as his smirk widened in the satisfaction he was about to enjoy. He flipped the lid with his alien thumb and held the pressure poised over the fire button of his ray beam.

Shane knew exactly what he was looking at as the Monitor moved ever so gently into position in the sky just beyond the vessel’s path. 

“What’s happening, Shane?” Gary asked. 

“There is nothing we can do,” Shane answered. 

The monitor ship sat directly in front of the glorious vessel and, for a moment, time stood still. A white flash blinked into the atmosphere just in front of the Monitor’s spacecraft and then a narrow beam shot instantly into the very front tip of the vessel. It seemed to hold right there and even follow the motion withdrawing as the vessel continued to drive forward into the line of Rigs. Then the slicing began as the monitor’s ship began carving directly into the living tissue of the wise and powerful entity. The whole mass appeared to wince in the instant pain piercing now directly into and cutting right through the core to the bottom of its hull. Then the Monitor just held its motion and allowed the momentum of the vessel to flow right into the beam cutting itself in half. Unable to stop to save itself. 

The decks came alive as all hands attempted to save him. Deckhands were diving and attempting to stop this intense beam as it moved further and further along the deck killing all that it touched instantly and destroying the life inch by inch in what appeared to be such a deliberate and tortuous action. 

Many of the crew members were now throwing themselves into the beam in an attempt to somehow block its destructive flow into their vessel. But as each person came into contact with it, they merely evaporated in an instant. Not affecting its power in the slightest way.

Mila, Max, and Pei all stood there gazing with tears streaming down their faces. Gary, also with his face covered in tears, began to stir into a rage of uncontrollable anger. His wrath turning into an anxious desperation of helplessness as this spirit and its crew were being seared right down the middle with the last life left in him now steaming in and slumping into the water as the momentum inevitably began to die and the crew members scrambled, falling from the sides and somehow, desperately trying to fight a force that they were in no way prepared for. Shane took Gary firmly by his shoulders and held him there to steady his rage, 

“There is nothing that we are able to do my finest friend. Should we step in there in any way at all, we risk our own lives and we are the only chance that this planet has left against this evil force. We cannot allow ourselves to be seen now. But I promise you that we will get our revenge.”

Nothing else needed to be said. Gary stepped across to his deck and placed a hand onto Hi-Sun, turning her and taking the crew safely over the horizon and well out of reach from this brutal sight. The remains of the once mighty vessel now lying across the ocean surface in a mass of death and bleeding destruction. The slicer sharks had moved in carving up any remaining crew and the larger ones now making short work of the driving keel, the vessel life force itself.

A day that would be etched into the minds of our crew far beyond this journey and possibly many lifetimes to come. The pain of such a loss is the price that is paid for eventual freedom if this planet is going to be saved.

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