Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 17 – A Ballad of Hope

Gary very gently steered Hi-Sun back behind the horizon and then some. He knew that Shane had made a decision for the better of all beings and life forms of this planet. Turning and basically walking away knowing that it was the right thing to do made this deep sorrow no easier to deal with. The glow fell behind as they moved further past the horizon and into open blue seas.

“We go straight back in tonight,” Shane spoke, his words pervading through the ears of the crew, “We have no time to mourn as we represent the future of all incredible spiritual beings and especially of that crew. Their future is on this planet and it is our responsibility to ensure that it is here for them. They will live again.”

Not a word was spoken. Max, Pei, Gary, and Mila all shared the shift. Sleep, food, and deck work all a part of getting ready for a huge night to be.

The sun dropped behind the horizon and the crew all shared a well-prepared meal. Mila had been humming through the day and now as all sat and sipped mill tea, she broke into words with tears streaming and a release of the expression from her heart.

My heart, my love is streaming, but it’s a fight.

To find out what it takes, who we are and where to start.

Our seas flow, with their might, with life and power, our world in flight.

Our pride and honor, for this fight, it’s our world, let’s make it right.

It’s our night, our love our fight. We are the chosen. We fly tonight.

Mila continued to hum the melody of the ballad while the spirit of the crew rose to an all new high. Not only living on the very edge of life but the life of this entire precious planet. There is no choice. There is no option.

Shane stepped to the tip of the bow and leaned oh so easily forward diving slender in a perfect arch as he pierced the ocean top. The main dorsal was right there with him and our Lord of Water turned towards the line of Rigs just past the horizon now backed up with a team of powerful spirited dorsals as this planet has never before seen.

It is time to go to work. 

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