Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 19 – You Lazy Piles of Sludge

A night of leisure had just turned into the biggest disgrace of the mission. There were eight Rigs refusing to reply to communication and all the others now seemed to sit stunned, not knowing what to do other than sit there like useless robots awaiting orders.

Slab’s biggest pet peeve, taking one single step out of his cushy monitorship looked inevitable. Inspection was the only option to try and get an idea of what the hell had happened to those disgusting lazy sludge piles. Being no reason for them to leave their Rigs and not a trace of land for god knows how far over the horizon, there is no playback of vessels of any kind coming close to or leaving the Rigs.

Slab cracked the case for his outside suite and was doing the best he could to remember the workings of it that were downloaded into his thick head hundreds of years ago. Now he was more than pissed and he had to hold back his urge to tear the suite and its operating apparatus to pieces and slam it on the floor. The only thing holding him back being the picture in his head on his asphyxiated body lying or even worse, floating across the ocean of this forsaken planet.

He checked the quality of his breathing and any detection of a viral trace. The suite meters all read clean as he lowered the vessel to the first of the Rigs. The upper plate rotated as the burst of stench flush out through the hatch and around his suite. Slab was fully sealed in of course, but he just knew what the smell of it would be like and he took in a deep sigh in disgust. 

Ascending the stairs into the operator’s cabin showed no sign of any life or movement. Slab stood there staring at the empty control station. The seat was empty, the joystick was held in place and balanced with nothing more than threads of seaweed. 

“These dirty, deserting scum, what the hell do they think that they can get away with?” 

Slab questioned to himself. There were no other signs of any operations within the Rig with both the operator and crew terminal obviously deserted. The only mystery being that these slaves were so heavily implanted, he had no idea how they could ever become conscious enough to even conceive an escape, the fact is, they were gone, but where to? The other Rigs all checked out in the same way. There could be a deeper investigation, but time was running very short. Only a matter of days until the execution of water antimatter transference and only two Rigs away from being under balanced and beyond the task at hand. There would be no sleep from this point on. 

“I can’t wait to suck this planet dry and leave it floating like all the other dead rocks of this universe,” Slab grinned with that last thought as he stepped back onto the monitorship. 

Slab had no doubt about the idiotic crew he had at hand. It was now totally up to him to crack the whip ferociously, with no mercy, to the very last second of the mission. The lute will be loaded and each one of them vapourised for their disgusting effort. Slab was certain that he would now be left alone with this unforgivable crew.

They are all guilty.

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