Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 20 – Too Hot to Go Near

Shane knew the position he was in. Only two more Rigs to take out and the Rig system would be underpowered for the task at hand. This is an old enemy and neither technology nor tactic had changed other than the endless ability of these dark beings to wait and return yet again seeking the loot of precious water planets.

His knowingness was not something he ever doubted. Very close, and now possibly just one step away from total sabotage of this attack, but to leave the mission only disabled and still with such a destructive monitorship floating above was not a pretty vision of the consequences. 

Shane knew that he would much rather walk into an angry hornet’s nest than to taunt the bad temper of this Monitor, of which he had already witnessed and its destructive capability. The Monitor certainly was alert to the dangerous position he was in. Just over the horizon, almost half of his slave crew sat in a new state of mind and never to be in a position of enslavement and control again. “Deserted” and now left on the brink of mission failure, he would not be asleep, even for a second, in the following two days leading up to the orbital outer sling.

Sitting well outside of the visible horizon, Shane, his crew and this newly awakening alien family sat in a period of contemplation. On the second sunrise, the total extraction of this water planet’s fluid would begin by the brutal enemy sitting just out of site, yet within lethal range unapproachable.

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