Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 21 – The Final Plan

Shane and Gary sat sharing warm fish stew with fresh fish slices. 

“This is the time that we plan the final steps, Gary. It will all come together as the monitor’s mind is ruled by the stupidity of greed and self-indulgence. We almost have his fleet of Rigs overbalanced, but we have to capture him if we are to take him out of the game. If he fails, it is likely that he won’t go home, or he would ensure that he destroys everything in sight before returning to report his failure.”

“I think that I am starting to understand the mind of this character that lurks above in that destructive machine. What is your plan?” Gary questioned,

“We have only two days to the outer sling of our orbit. This is the time when he will have all Rigs in alignment to hit the transference button. That stack of machines you have seen strung out across the horizon has the power to zip every drop of water on this planet into an easy, carry sized package, yet containing enough power to blow this planet back to the dawn of time. He has every intention of leaving us here nothing less than a drifting, lifeless dry rock.”

“I find it hard to imagine such an event, but after seeing what he did to that grand vessel, I have no doubt in what it is capable of,” Gary sat calmly with Shane, but not in a state of worry or even terror as you would expect in anticipation of planetary annihilation now only two days away. He knew not to question as he could feel the certainly in Shane. It emanated from him like a glow of force that he never experienced in all of his memories.

It was as though Gary could receive Shane’s thoughts clearer than the spoken word itself. Shane nodded to Gary as he leaned his hand onto Hi-Sun and she gently angled yet further away from the Rigs that were safely out of site.  

The morning was growing into a brilliant, pristine day. Mila, Max, and Pei had Hi-Sun in a state of marine perfection. The somewhat dismayed but much awakened alien guests sat quietly in the lower, rear room sharing fish and water amongst themselves and bonding together as a newly formed group. Some of them seemed to share a familiarity with each other of memories long past. There were leaders amongst them. They sat all very peacefully with no threat or upset.

“There she is, Gary.”

“I thought that I was supposed to be your guide, my young Lord,” Gary rolled his eyes as they both glanced at an island tip just on the edge of the horizon. He pulled Hi-Sun into the calm waters of the island bay with the team of dorsals gently escorting them on either side. 

“This will do fine Gary. Hold Hi-Sun just here and we will take these poor awakened souls to shore.”

Shane reached out for the first of the ex operators and Rig crew and gave a reassuring look. The first one stepped forward and Shane took it by the paw leading it to the deck edge. Together they ascended the side step deck as three dorsals rose ever so gently to the surface just below them. Shane held his other hand firmly, but reassuringly, as he led this trusted being to a step of faith onto the backs of the dorsal trio. It sat safely on top, half submerged in the warm bay water as they gently moved from Hi-Sun and carried him ever so carefully to the sandy shores of this quiet island.

Shane continued to lead them one at a time as the dorsals turned through the water and onto the shores of this perfect desert island. As the group grew, they lifted another and another onto the shore until they all stood there together as a slightly bewildered but united crew.

As Shane stepped upon the shore with the last of this gross and motley crew, now all together, he stood there for a moment faced with sixteen souls waiting for guidance. He smiled and with that intention, they all breathed a sigh of relief. All knowing they were not being deserted and would wait until the return of all the other members.

Shane turned back into the water, slipping through the water to Hi-Sun with the dorsals along his side. As he stepped on to the deck, Gary already had her in full turn heading back to the line of Rigs sitting ready to steal the life from this precious water planet. 

There were no words necessary to express the seemingly impossible task now at hand. The sun now falling to the horizon for possibly the second last time in existence with a shimmering sparkle that is cast across the long dancing ocean swells.

Another long night to be, but how would they even get within range of the Rig line. Slab, was now wide-eyed and loaded with laser accurate ray beams, able to slice the largest vessels that this ocean could carry, into smoldering flesh.

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