Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 22 – Slab Patrol

Slab hadn’t lowered his gaze from the line of Rigs since coming out of his defeat on Destruction of Water Planets. His time out had cost him eight Rigs now. He glared, still fuming, across the full line of them, now barely held in place with just over half the crew. If he ever were to lay his eyes on those deserters, they would experience the most excruciating torture he could possibly conjure up, 

“They would never ever ever forget,” he thought, “Agonising pain and torture forever”

The idea of this almost tempted a smile on his grossly antagonized face,

“The slicer sharks have probably chewed them into shreds by now,” He thought, but the mystery of how they escaped still remained a vacuum in his mind. There was no recording of movement on the surface across any of the Rig’s surroundings. 

“Only two more sun rises and the extraction would begin. There will be no sleep until it is done,” Slab trusted nobody other than himself. He knew with certainty that there be, in the vast universe, not a soul that he could depend upon.

He worked the line backwards and forwards along all nineteen Rigs, with 10 of them parked in line and still connected to the chain, ready for the ignition stage. Luckily they all sat in the exact position ready for the final day. Should there be any need to move them at this point, it would be an impossible task without the operators and deck crew. 

Slab smiled as he envisioned those deserters being torn to shreds by the slicers. They were the one life form on this planet that he enjoyed so much. He had seen them take apart schools of whales and other large fish is their thrashing frenzy. His only regret being that he could not take a few with him as pets and that they all too would be fried and dried with the final evaporation.

The other eleven crew all sat in idle but strictly monitored with brief intervals between the electrical bite from their helmets ensuring that they all remained not only present but awake.

“It will be more than a little pulse that they will feel once I have the package loaded and ready to haul ass out of this cesspool, I will thoroughly enjoy my moment of satisfaction as I evaporate each and every one of them. Stupid, ungrateful slobs.” 

Slab continued to scan the line up and down. It was only a matter of hours now. Not a spec of surface life from horizon to horizon would pass until it was done. He looked again in disgust at the game pod just to his right. He smashed his fisted paw right into the screen, then threw it on the shelf with it sliding into the corner of his cabin. 

“If it hadn’t of been for that useless game I wouldn’t be in this mess,” 

He muttered out loud.

Shane and his crew had caught the unsuspecting Monitor off guard. But both Shane and Gary knew what they were dealing with now. To cross even an inch over the horizon would mean certain evaporation and death for all of them.

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