Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 23 – Time to Die

Shane and Gary sat together for the final time after a night traveling back into range.  Not far over the horizon lay the destruction machines ready in wait to take each and every drop of water from this planet and steal it back as its own to be used as nothing more than liquid energy to burn.

Shane, Mila, and Gary shared their last hours together enjoying the warmth of the morning sun and a bountiful breakfast put together by the mighty Max and Pei. The clean, fat slices of fish went so well with the fresh fruits of the island. Gary was laughing raucously in the middle of one of his wildest childhood stories as Mila snuggled up against Shane’s side. The whole crew laughed in hysterics as Gary shared yet another cheating of death tale with his best childhood friends. Hi-Sun sat ever so comfortably just offset to the angle of the glass-like swells that came in from the sunset horizon. She stretched, turned and even appeared to be yawning off the last effort from an easy night’s travel. She was right in her prime and her command of the ocean was absolute.Gary gave Shane and Mila a lift of the head to shoo them off to bed. The night of their lives being very nearly upon them. It was time to rest up and enjoy this time together as one, quite possibly for the last time.

There would be little sleep for Max and Pei. Their duties were light and between them, they could catch moments of sleep through the day as was needed. This was the treasure of both their lives and they each eased their hands across the decks and rails of Hi-Sun, caressing her in admiration that they both lived for.

Shane and Mila came to the deck again with all the crew sharing another bountiful feast of the ocean. It was a quiet time for all with adoring friendship flowing from the eyes of them all. All worthy and proven, with a shared pride in themselves and the planet that they were all fighting for, with every inch of their lives. There was no room for fear amongst them. Each one holding each other as high as gods and ready to drive this evil right back to where it had come from.

The Lady-Sun began to chase the far horizon with her tail dancing across the tops of the ocean swells. A light breeze cast a clean shimmer of ripples across the water with the dorsal pilots now turning and playing in the last of the day’s sunlight. It was nearly time for a night of sheer impossibility to be completed and completed there would be no choice, for tonight’s turn of events may be the turning of the tides for the last time.

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