Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 25 – Line Up You Bastards

Slab hovered at a steady altitude across the top of his final Rigs. Unbeknownst to him, only ten sat still under control with the ninth now crewless and as limp as a carcass. The outer sling finally drew near. Boot time being within minutes now, he held the balancing power of the Rig line sufficient to strip this stinking planet of every last drop of that disgusting and wasted fluid, leaving it as a spinning, lifeless rock that it deserved to be.

Patience was a virtue of none from the Black Universe. Power waits for nothing. There is no need for any such game where slavery provided such a dominating pleasure. The only opponents being the hierarchy of dictatorship that he served. On return, with energy not seen the like of in billions of years since the dawn of darkness, to be more to the point, would bring him to the status of the most almighty marauder to ever serve the high and mighty Lord of Death forever.

Slab caught himself drifting into the fantasy of his pay knowing that for just these final minutes, all that was to be achieved was to hold the line until that precious moment would begin. He looked down the line of Rigs and initiated demand for each separate Rig to ignite.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven…….. “What?”

He hit again on Eleven, but there was none. It doesn’t matter, it’s time, we have ten and the vital balance now counts down as one. 

Five, Four, Three Two, One, Ignite. 

In this split moment, all mass from this point onwards will pull gravitationally back to the central orbit as it has for so many billions of years past. But before it reaches that high point this time around, this “Precious Water Planet” will be nothing more than a rock spinning around this sun, robbed of its purpose to provide life and fertility, fed so natively by the water and nutrients that this planet is so rich in and holds so well.

Slab joyfully pressed down on the ignition as the black rays of the antimatter-vacuum forced down and spread into the root of and from the bottom of all ten Rigs.

He smiled a sigh of relief and gently spoke to himself, 

“Line up you bastards! It is time.”

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