Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 26 – “No”

The entire planet seemed to wince. Gary, Mila, Max, and Pei could not do a thing. The skies pulled over a dark curtain as the haunted screams of water sizzled into and around the ten black beams of death. Static noise crackled out and about all of the Rigs, spanning the skies in all directions in and out of the black cloud mass. The hydrostatic tension reaching the verge of burning water. A temperature unthought of, but possible nonetheless. 

The dorsals smashed out through the surface. The vibration of the water was now unbearable. Even the slicer sharks all fled from what had only moments ago been such an agreement of vibration. They too turned, bursting in all directions from the fear of this betrayal and imminent death.

Slab smiled in extreme pleasure. The evaporation, annihilation and total destruction had finally begun.  The following weeks would be nothing more than a formality. The haul was his as he felt the first droplets of antimatter slide up and into the compact storage cylinder secured deeply in the hub of his monitorship. Amusing that a global mass would sit condensed, compressed and packed to the size of nothing more than a package in the trunk. The reward and glory will be nothing short of immense on the day of delivery. 

“The Title will be mine!” Slab screamed at the top of his voice,“There has never been such a hero and legend of marauding excellence in all the history of the universe. Of any universe,” He spoke to himself.

“Number Ten, straighten up now!”

“What are you doing?”

“Get back in line now!” 


Slab screamed and smashed on the dash of his monitorship. The balance toppled as the flow of even, black energy slumped below its vitals with the final but minority nine Rigs in timeless stillness. 

There was no flow. No sizzling, screaming, searing gash of the ocean’s waters. It had all stopped with the blackness now motionless and clouded about the line of alien Rigs. 

A light crackling of static lightning bolts popped and split in random directions while the whole mechanism settled into idleness.

“Number Ten must die,”


“He will DIE!” Screamed slab.

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