Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 27 – Get out of the way now you…

Slab lowered his monitorship onto Number 10 almost crashing too hard from impatience and anxiousness for revenge. The key locked in place and gas lock door burst open with the stench of the Rig pressing back into the Monitor vessel. Slab had no time or attention to even notice the disgusting smell that was typical of each Rig. More like a sewer and beast pen for the two inhabitants that manned the Rig station so many light years away entering from that wormhole.  

Slab stepped through the hatch into the upper platform and descended the stairs as rapidly as possible. Writhing in wrath and already imagining the pleasure he would take in personally crushing the skull, inch by inch of the operator. Still remembering that he had not been on his feet as he should have been for such a time, he consciously had to slow himself, ensuring that a stupid slip would not come in the way of smashing that idiot out of the way and getting Number 10 back in line again before it was all too late.

Slab knew deep inside that his actions were futile. With the bridging current now broken, there would be no way to start it over again until the next outer sling occurred one full year ahead of him. He ignored his logic and continued with every intention of setting it straight here and now before it was “too late”.

“You will pay now you useless piece of…” As Slab turn in to face the operator ready to take him by the neck and root him right out of the chair aiming to smash his pee-wee brain head into the screen in front of him, he paused in utter shock as right before him stood a native being of the planet, calm, relaxed and with a warm grin on his face.

Before he could even blink, Shane’s hand was sat firmly on Slab’s forehead. The Separator had begun. 

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