Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 28 – Can you fight?

Gary, Mila, and the crew drove in beside Rig number 10. All had been in total idleness for hours now and Mila was overly anxious to find her young Lord and scratch the eyes out of any threat that he may still face. Hi-Sun just eased in to rest at the side of the rig, less than a hand’s distance from the dark and uneasy metal frame of the Rig. Gary threw a rope up high with the anchor on the end hitching into the frame of the Monitor Ship. He smoothly, but cautiously climbed to the top section of these frames and examined the lock between both ship and Rig. There was no entry with a solid airlock around what appeared to be the passageway.

Mila called Gary back down as she sensed the lower platform may have an opening just as Shane had shared in his previous adventures. As Gary stepped back onto Hi-Sun, Mila bought her around a third and found the platform flowing with the ebb and flow of the ocean a foot of water flowed over it. There appeared to be no opening and they sat there pondering on how to gain entry and even if Shane were in there. 

Gary tried to think of something to do about it and began to give an unpurposeful order to Max and Pei. Suddenly the hatch slid to the side and a hot stenche burst out around them. There stood Shane with a calm grin on his face and spoke as though there had not even been a breath between the conversation of last night’s dinner.

“I had a feeling that I might find you lot lurking around out here,” said Shane,

Gary spoke, 

“Well we thought it would be polite to drop in, but with a stench like that, I find it hard to believe that you even have any friends ever come to visit.”

“I think that you four will get over it. Come on, we have a little bit of work to do here. So come on up.”

“Hold your breath now, Mila, this is not something that a lady of your status should ever have to smell,” Gary said with a cheeky smile.

“Don’t you worry about me now, Gary. I want to see what’s inside one of these things.”

They all stepped onto the control deck and there on the floor was the ugliest pile of trembling mess that any of them had ever seen.

“What in good lord’s heaven is that ugly, stinking thing lying on that floor, Shane? You sure must be able to fight to have brought it down in a state like that.” Gary exclaimed. 

“Can you fight?”

“I can look after myself, old fella, but this one sure is one evil black piece of work. I am quite exhausted and I am just not going to take him across all the way. This one is too far gone and I am going to send him back as an example of what will happen if they ever try to send anything back into this universe ever again.”

“Can I give it a boot, Shane?” asked Gary.

“Don’t bother yourself, Gary. This thing is neither good nor bad now. It is just plain useless. It doesn’t deserve to be either way. It can live out its days as a shameful example of what happens to anyone that ever tries to touch a water planet. Anyone!”

“I am with you, Shane. Let me know what we have to do.”

Mila already had Shane in her arms. He was hers now. She rested her forehead on his and laughed with tears rolling down her face.

“So, is this our Honeymoon Suite with an ocean view, my darling?” 

Gary, Mila, and Shane all burst into laughter with the echoing cheers cascading through the cavities of the Rig and baffling out through the lower deck for Max and Pei to clearly hear.

It is truly and finally over. The mess of Rigs cast across the ocean still with a new refugee population and one ugly beast to somehow do away with. 

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