Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 29 – It may rain for a little while

“Come on, my friends, I’ve got something pretty cool to show you all. Don’t worry about him, he’ll probably lie there for days. He isn’t going anywhere.”

Gary seemed quite reassured and held back his urge to lay the boot in. Shane led Mila and Gary up into the monitorship locked tightly into the top of the Rig. Frowning at the stench of the capsule, he located the lock to the side plate and cracked it up and out as a fresh burst of air poured in and filled the cabin. 

“This is what you call primitive technology Gary.”

“Primitive, I haven’t seen anything flying around this planet for the good while that I’ve been here,” Said Gary.

“Don’t worry, take my word for it. This is quite ancient technology. I will have it worked out in a short while.”

Shane scanned the internal controls of the craft all the while explaining the logic through to himself, occasionally uttering words that neither Gary of Mila had ever heard spoken before. 

“If the antimatter liquid was drawing through the magnetic fields, then the separation converters would be in the hubs of the Rigs themselves. Then the field would draw and connect the matter, pulling it into the single stream and transferred to the transportation capsule in here, the ship. It must be located… Ah! Here.”

Placing his hand over the almost-centrally located control panel, Shane felt for the opening and then gently lifted the small lever releasing the sealed tight lid. It popped and pulled the air in from around it as the lid lifted, leaving the clear capsule exposed. Shane carefully examined it and then turned to walk the ship for a few paces finding different components on the various sections of the inside panels. He then returned and confidently pressed, twisting the capsule until it released from its lower lock,

“Now look at this. There is hardly the slightest vapor visible, but what we have here is the equivalent to probably a day’s collection of water from the point we stand. Incredible to think that every single drop on this planet would transfer and sit comfortably within this capsule,”

“I just can’t really fathom the thought of what you are saying, Shane,” Gary spoke as they all stared at the internal traces.

“You will in a minute Gary.” 

Mila smiled along and Gary just followed with his jaw gaped in a docile expression. 

Shane locked the capsule into the eject cylinder and primed all components, locking the blast cover over, he rested his hand on the unit knowing it was secure. Almost thanking it and wishing the package well. He took a step back and placed his hand on the release button, gently pressing until the system engaged. Light recoil resonated through the ship as the capsule launched on a high arc booming towards the top of the stratosphere. 

Shane turned and smiled at Mila and Gary, 

“It may rain for a little while,” Shane said with a chuckle that he now intended to become, once again, a more characteristic part of himself.

Mila stepped across to the deck area with her arm on Shane as the three of them looked to the skies. The arc of the cylinder’s flight disappeared into the blue and there was silence for just a moment as the whole planet seemed to calm. A gentle breeze from the ocean blew across each of their faces and then, right where all of them held their stair, a humongous disk of vapor blew out and spread the span of the skies. It grew and grew and became thicker and thicker until it almost began to appear that night had fallen.

The planet seemed to fall right back into balance. 

The moisture of the air filled now with such a high power of life and the water all along the line of the Rigs now calmed, emanating a deep blue glow of life.

The first shed of water began to burst through the skies. 

With the sun dropping and nearing sunset, the streams of water cast rainbow spectrums to the like never before seen on this precious water planet. 

Shane smiled and chuckled again, “I think that we are going to get some serious rain tonight, Gary. What do you think?”

Gary was rumbling from deep within his belly, “From those little drops in that wee little cylinder my lord? It looks like it will. I am sure that it will.”

What a sight as the almost galactic explosion of water blast across the stratosphere. But what of the disgusting beast, and the disgusting mess of Rigs that span the horizon?

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