Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 3 – The Nightmare

Gary stared right at a black spot partially obscuring the helix cluster of stars. I asked him what it was that he could see, but he just stared at me, glazed.

Everything sunk on the shock wave and the sky broke open above us. A deathly black beam dropped directly from the bottom center of a massive alien hub. As the beam hit the water, a slicing squeal screamed through everything and the whole energy balance of the ocean and atmosphere shifted as the hub locked in with the black beam.

As all of the water around it vacuumed in and absorbed as if falling into a black hole, Hi-Sun was unable to hold her line and she fell inwards. No escaping from the pull of blackness, Max and Pei scampered in attempts to hold whatever they could in place. But it was useless as everything was sliding starboard and toppled over the edge.

I caught myself with the sudden thought of Mila and turned to the quarters. She was braced across the doorway trying to scream towards me. But the mere sounds of our voices became an unlegible echo in the sheer and deathly screams of the black beam.

Another shock wave engulfed us and then pulled back into the vacuum. I was ripped from the deck of the ship. As I drew out into the void, I could see Mila’s face looking directly at me. She was no longer screaming, but just held the last life of our communication till the end.

Another shock wave hit and Hi-Sun smashed into a billion splinters. I screamed and reached out to the destruction as the impact blew me out of existence,

“Shane, Shane!” Mila spoke gently as I woke from this scene.

Mila held a hand on my face and the other on my chest as I sat up in our bed. Dripping in sweat and shivering.

“Hey, hey! It’s ok. I’m here. I see you.” she said.

“Look at me.”

“Woah! That was full on. Too real.”

“Come on, we have food,” she gently gestured.

Mila led me to the deck as we walked out to a perfect afternoon. Lady-Sun was falling towards the horizon as shimmers of her light danced across the long lines of ocean swells spanning to the horizon.

“Eat,” she whispered and nudged me with her elbow.

Mila handed me more and more food until once again I came back to the sanity of a perfect late afternoon sunset. Gary was laughing. Max and Pei were fooling around. The dorsals were all in high action dancing around the wake of our keel.

Mila put her head on my forehead.

“Are you here?”

The food had calmed me and brought me right back to this beautiful day. 

“Yeah mate. I’m here.”

And I lead her to the side rail so we could share the sunset and laugh along with our cheeky crew.

Helix Cluster – A network of solar systems in the shape of a helix that contain many various colored planets. Among these systems, there are generally a number of water planets.

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