Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 30 – Clean Up Time!

Once again, Max and Pei seemed quite natural at rounding up all of the operators and safely transporting them to the island. Shane had taken a few crazy swerves getting the hang of the monitorship. He had thought briefly a few times of keeping such a toy but knew that the premature introduction of such technology to a small water planet like this one would only lead to something that it is far from being ready for.


The first Rig had lifted a little shakily, but only as Shane gained confidence in the strength of the monitorship, and in the weight of each Rig. The disgusting structure lifted up and out of the ocean, with little aquatic creatures clinging to the cold, dark, and metal frame. Shane was pulling more and more Rigs out of the water using the Monitor’s ship, but, after a hard day’s work, he decided to relax with his friends back on the beach.


“You seem quite comfortable bopping around in that toy, my young lord. Anyone would think that you were, in fact, an alien invasion yourself,” Laughed Gary,

“I’ve had my share of time shifting these machines around, Gary, but most of it is spent dodging them just as we have for almost half a year now.” 

“I suppose it is better to be at the driving end, especially with that blasted thing that comes out the front of it,” carped Gary.

Shane had been working on de-arming it and how to set the controls to take it on its long and cold journey that it would soon embark on. One thing the dark universe had done successfully was to crack the code on the internal universal energy that was ever present no matter the location. The monitorship and its haul of metal would quite comfortably move on for light years into eternity. But this one was heading right back where it came from. Giving it back its own pile of trash.

“Shane, come and look at this. You have got to see it!” Called Mila stepping out of the trees. Shane and Gary quickly attended showing the lady the greatest of manners to any request she would have. The three of them stepped into the clearing to find Max blowing a high tune on his waidle. Pei was turning with one of the operators and it appeared to be smiling or something of the like. Along a line, she had a dozen of them paired and turning in synchronization to the traditional dance pattern of her hometown. 


Shane, Gary, and Mila all laughed as they clapped along with the tune and then themselves joined in for a dance. They all feasted and laughed and the operators seemed to never want to stop this new form of expression that they all discovered.

“What will happen to them, Shane?” Gary asked as they finally rested for the day around the fire enjoying fat fresh fish and crustaceans. 

“They are all neutral, Gary, They can finally enjoy a life of production and happiness, but they will not live for many years in these gross bodies now that they are part of the cycling universe that we live in. When they pass, their spirits will just move into the unison of this planet with other life forms, or they may even drift off to join other planets not too far away indeed.”

“Sounds like a worthy reward for what they have been put through. Any slave deserves a time to be free and the space to be free in. What about that ugly useless piece of wasted space. It has been lying there for weeks now. What will we do with it?” Gary asked.

“I will be sending it back with that pile of rubbish in the sky. He has a journey of many lifetimes ahead of him, sitting in that boring compartment and when he finally arrives back, he will be a lovely reminder of the ass-kicking that any of the black universe scum will receive if they ever again try to enter.”

“But wouldn’t it just be best to stomp him into a grave right here and send that mess into some other galaxy?” Gary questions quizzically.

“This would seem to be the best solution, Gary, but then we are left with a spirit not worthy to be floating amongst us and in fact potentially he may one day find himself a part of our culture and a troublesome member at that. So we send him back. But don’t worry, it will be millions of years before they even think of venturing out this way again and besides, we need a little bit of a game to keep us on our toes. I sure would like to see the look on their faces when this ugly pile of meat floats back in with this pile of metal dragging along behind it. So don’t worry yourself in any way, Gary, shortly he will be long gone from our lives. Forever as far as I am concerned.”

“Forever it may well be, but it sure won’t take away that feeling that I should have just booted it to a pulp right here while I had the chance,” said Gary with a look of disgust held under his breath.

“This will pass Gary. If you can just imagine what is going to happen to it at the other end, then you will understand that your boot will be nothing to what he has coming.”


Shane, Mila, Gary and all of the rejoicing crew danced on into the night. It was a time of rejuvenation and renewal for all of them. A world of freedom and beauty to look forward to.


Waidle – A small flute similar to an Earth instrument, like a Fife.

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