Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 31 – Kiss his ass goodbye

It was a time of rejoicing and monument as the Monitor latched onto the pile of Rigs in the sky. 

Shane and the whole crew sat in anticipation as nothing more than a glow of metal mass sitting ever so still in the red sunset sky. The first of the evening stars began to sprinkle one after the other as the sun’s red light fell further and further to the other side of the planet. With the string of Rigs becoming ever more so obvious and lit.

Nobody but Shane knew what was about to occur.  The intergalactic programming of the navigator was something that he would not even begin to share and he looked forward to letting it all fall from his memory till the day that it may be needed once again. The anticipation seemed quite strange as all knew that it would somehow shortly be gone, but how or where to was a complete mystery. Only Shane sat so calmly and certain. He knew that his job was done and soon the launch would engage.

“It’s moving!” called Gary and everyone looked more and more intently to the sky trying to perceive if anything at all was in fact occurring. Mila held closer into Shane placing her head on his chest and gazing ever so intently at this object in the sky. 

“There it is,” said Mila, as the movement became so clearly obvious, moving slowly to the left of the stars sitting all so steady above them. It was moving and for minutes they all sat there silently imagining and trying to comprehend the journey that it was heading into. Shane reached forward to take a large, fresh slice of ocean fish and chewed it gently, the smile growing wider and wider across his face. 

Max began to play and, one after the other, all joined in with a chant and war cry of conquering as the Rig drew faster, blowing out of the solar system and heading across galaxies back to the black death portal from which it came. 

Gary called loud and raucously with a joyful war cry as Max, tuned in, with perfect harmony and anticipation of the ballad to come,

Oh poor and evil purposes, have you locked out of our skies

Your death and seething madness, no match for our delight

For we are, perfect in harmony, one to unite and fight

Try again and we’ll be waiting, these are our holy skies

Try again and we’ll be waiting. Try again on any night

Try again and we’ll be waiting

You’ll never know such a fight.

We have water, warmth, and friendliness

We have the value, true and right

We have water clean and endless

This our endless, spiritual right

It’s a freedom one can know

Cause we’ll share it with delight

We have water more than plentiful

This our endless, spiritual right,

At that very moment all of the crew, even operators in a humorous chanting duplication,  all chorused in loud and enthusiastically,

Try again and we’ll be waiting

Try again on any night

Try again and we’ll be waiting

You will never know such a fight.

Back you go into your dark, black world

You could never see the light

We are warm and free and sharing

You’ll never know such a delight.

You’ll be back I dare you plenty

Just you dare to play this fight

Our planet, warm, clean and friendly

Precious water, you have no right.

Try again and we’ll be waiting

Try again on any night

Try again and we’ll be waiting

You will never know such a fight.

Wooooooo! Wooooooo! Wooooooo! 

All screamed and screamed and rightfully chanted long and rightful hollers of victory echoing out and into the skies. The drifting cinders of the fire in the warm still air of the night floated up and outwards from the shores of the island beach and the celebration went well into the night.

Gary lifted his head, now feeling the warmth of the morning sun rising a little too warm for further sleep in, as the image of Shane and Mila strolled towards him along the clean water shoreline. 

“It was a worthy night of celebrating, our master captain,” Shane called with a relaxed tone of nothing-but-fun-to-be-had. 

“You may have drank just a little too much mead in jest, but no better time to indulge in as much as you like, nobody will ever really know the victory that we have accomplished or the world that we have saved. For it is already ‘Just Another Day!’”

Shane, Mila, and Gary all stood together smiling and laughing and smiling and laughing again and again. Gary gestured just off the edge of the shore. 

“It appears that somebody is a little restless.”

Hi-Sun sat no more than a stone’s throw from the sandy edge, holding herself poised and ready to cross the horizons of the globe. 

“Where to, Shane?” Gary paused for an answer and Shane turned to Mila with a smile. 

“Well, now it is my turn, our cheery and grandmaster captain,” said Mila. Both Shane and Gary stood courteously waiting for her thoughts.

“Sometimes we live here in a man’s world. You are strong and wise and proud.  And to the end of this last day, you have done a splendid job, but there’s a time when the world is a woman’s and that time is now. We have a wonderful planet here with culture and beauty and a wealth of mystery. I will spend the rest of my days caring for her and spreading this word of life that we now hold dear. It is our world and it will always be our world as long as we care for her. 

The secret of what we have done to this day need never be spread in fear or of what may someday return. But it may and we do have to hold the future of our spiritual freedom out there for us each and one another and every spiritual being that we behold on this precious water planet of life.

Where do we go to now, my finest men of the universe? I think that Hi-Sun is itching once again to chase our Lady-Sun long into the day. We chase her tail and within a small time, we will come to the lands of great people ready for the word of immortal life and hope that we carry with us. We move off this very day.”

Shane just smiled and Gary took a breath to acknowledge that his night of celebration and well-earned rest was already over.

“Max! Pei!. Let’s get this trip together. We leave right away.”

Hi-Sun lifted and turned out from the sandy drop off that she had been holding to at the island’s edge. On the shores, the operators all stood. There was no word of thank you necessary. They had been freed from the immortal torture that they had so long been entrapped within. They were now free spirits here to enjoy the last days that these bloated and apathetic bodies being there the last reminder of where they had come from and would in the not too distant future be passing and freeing them into the spiritual flow of this clean and life flowing world.

Mila, Shane, Gary, Max & Pei all held their hands high in the air. The operators all returned the farewell, lifting their hands and hollering across the distance as Hi-Sun curved her line into Lady-Sun’s tail, chasing her long as relaxed into the afternoon.

“They are good spirits, Shane,” Mila spoke so gently.

“They are,” answered Shane. “I am sure that they will be a loyal and contributing part of society for many, many generations to come.”

Mila turned to Gary, taking the helm, firmly, but ever so politely excusing him from his post.

“Tonight is a great night and I feel that there is quite a bit more celebration in your soul. Max, Pei! More mead for our Captain. And let’s get the tunes a blowing. Tonight we party long into the night!”

Gary smiled and laughed and filled his cup over and over as he walked the deck of his beloved Hi-Sun. 

“That is a happy man!” Shane spoke to Mila as they sat side by side at this helm of the incredible vessel of the seas. 

“We have all night, my wonderful Lord of Water. We have no duties other than to chase Lady-Sun’s tail, or the stars that hold her direction in place till tomorrow as she rises behind us all. The orders are that we all just do as we feel is fun for us to do. We head to the sun and to do your share is all that we each need. Everyone aboard, this is our time. The planet is ours and we the servers of her. We deserve this time no less than any other. Celebration, feast and journey is the reward that we all deserve and share.”

Gary laughed. “To that, I raise a cup, my Lad,. And to the new captain of this ship I cheer.”

“Only until your celebration is over, our fine master of the seas. When you are once again ready to take us to the far reaches of every corner of this planet. Worry not and celebrate to your heart’s content. The helm will be here waiting for you, so sing loud and dance like a crazy fool one and all. Tonight and every night is our night.”

Mila leaned towards Shane, lifting her chin to whisper in his ear.

 “I will be in to see you later tonight, young and healthy man of mine. Not too much mead drink if you please.”

“Understood, my fine captain!” Shane said sarcastically and stood straight at attention with a smirk and cheeky smile at the corner of his eye.

A precious water planet. Now free from the threat of global evaporation. The stupidity of evil forces predictable and ridiculous as is so easy to be seen, but never for one minute to be overlooked or underestimated.

Our fine crew cheered and danced long into the night and for many nights to follow. A message of spiritual freedom never ceased to be widespread and forever realized. For it is the spirit of man that is here to keep this precious water planet immortally alive.

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