Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 32 – Blue 3

“Wow!” Gary said as he looked up to Shane, “I think I am about ready to start the next journey. I thought that we could just party and relax forever after that one, but I need a new game once again.”

“Without a doubt, Gary!” Shane replied, “I was kind of waiting for you to come about my jolly captain. We actually still have a lot of work to do, but the pressure is certainly off, that’s for sure. This is a big and beautiful planet. Peace and tranquility spans its surface, but I have seen planets in such a condition almost take themselves to the brink of destruction still. Not even having to worry about the dark beings from the black universe. It may take a few thousand years to do so, but that is only a blink in time.”

Gary laughed and leaned back in his chair with a large cup of warm breakfast mill tea.

“That’s right, Shane. Tell me more about Blue-3. I’m trying to imagine how a planet with everything it could ever need could get itself into a position of complete near self-destruction. That really is ‘off the planet,’ and how did you end up there anyway?”

Shane leaned forward with his elbows on the table and forehead in the palm of his left hand as he rolled right on back to Blue-3,

“That’s for sure, Gary, Blue-3 really is something else. You know I started there just as I did here on this precious water planet of ours. Growing up and playing in the ocean, but behind it all, something certainly was not right. Cars, houses, airplanes, televisions, and computers. Just a perfect point in time. All the while across the planet, war, terrorism, drug and slave trafficking in mass beyond imaginable proportion, underlying it all was a hidden evil that infiltrated almost every inch of society. Luckily, not everyone was asleep to this evil.

We have time now. Let me tell you all about it.

Shane and Gary spent the next months together laughing and drawing up sketches,  making plans for a future civilization to be. A moral code is all that it would take. A code that all of mankind can agree too and that would carry him forward as one, from here to eternity. 

So began of their true journey.

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