Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 4 – A Restful Place

For the first time in quite a while, we had land in sight. A handful of tall islands protruding from the ocean. All very thick in the green rainforest and plenty of life emanating from them. 

“Today we will pull into this archipelago and spend a little time to restock our supplies, along with giving Hi-Sun a well-deserved rest,” said Gary with a sound of relief in his voice.

“Look at this place. Simply amazing. I can already feel the hum of life that is flowing from the forests and we are yet half a horizon away.” said Mila.

“I have heard of these islands and that they are full of amazing life forms and fruits aplenty. There should be calm waters on the other sides that are protected from the ocean swell. I am hoping for a calm bay with the possibility of a golden beach that we are able to anchor on safely. We may even spend a few days to ensure that Hi-Sun is fully recovered as well as ourselves. We have plenty of work to do, but a little fun as well is what the spirit needs. Time to exercise our right to play.” Gary spoke so effortlessly across the deck to us all.

“Give us all the orders that you need, our fine captain. There is fun to be had, but this is no time to slacken off from our journey and where we are headed.”

“Well then, my fine Lord, Hi-Sun will need some good service across the surface of her hull and through all of the components of her keel. After such a trip we are bound to have collected a few layers of ocean life forms. I think that you will find this work of extreme interest and you will certainly gain a new and intimate connection with her. Let’s see if you can use that water helmet of yours for something useful. Maybe the dorsals can also give you a hand.” Gary said as he steered Hi-Sun observing the island approach.

“Now you are talking, Gary. I certainly do best in the water.”

We slowed in closer to the islands and the size of the ocean swells that were crashing against the cliff faces and rocky beaches became more visible. This side was definitely not the place to try and land Hi-Sun. Schools of keel whales began to move all around us. These sleek and very playful keels swam in line and then moved in closer to our dorsal pilots. A few times they almost touched fins and then began an exchange of jumping out of the water and incredible turning and diving tricks. 

We turned in and padded on the left side on what appeared to be the main island. But all of them each would appear to be the largest of the cluster once up close to their staunching grandness. One could hear plenty of chitter chatter coming from the thick forest that climbed so high on the steep mountainside. We could easily see many species of birds along with families of feisty and loud furry warm-bell monkeys. With two sets of arms and strong handed legs, they were dominant in the space that they held. Dozens of them froze and peered at us as we passed right on by. The very human faces grouped up together and checking us out with a very strong sense of curiosity.

“This place is such a paradise. There will never be any need for man to ever settle here. This is their place and I know that we will leave them their island for the life of this planet. So much abundance. We will find a safe haven shortly and do a little exploration ourselves to gather food and fresh water,” said Gary.

“Is there anything that we need to look out for, Gary?” 

“I don’t think that we can afford to turn our backs on nature in this place, young Shane. We have our dorsal wales to protect us in the waters, but when we set foot ashore, a little alertness and some basic self-defense will be necessary. Nature’s gifts are so very amazing and beautiful, but she is also very hungry. Our lovely and fresh human flesh may very well be too tempting to the many creatures of the jungle.”

“Well! If you would like me to escort Pei and Max, I can certainly make sure that they come back alive and on their toes. We certainly need to gather plenty of food for the delicious courses that they serve.” Said Shane, in a playful manner. Gary spoke, 

“That certainly would be appreciated, my young Shane. I haven’t seen you have to strike a blow as of yet, but I detect that you are quite able to handle yourself when called for.” 

“I do alright.”

“Don’t underestimate my Max and Pei either. These two characters of mine may look so young and innocent, but let me assure you, I have seen them in action and they definitely didn’t come off second best.”

“Pleased to be on the same team.”

Mila called our attention, 

“Shane, Gary, look at that.”

Just as we turned the corner, a powerful waterfall became visible about half of the length up to the side of the island. It appeared to be falling into a large reservoir of water that jutted out from the side of the island to collect the force of the falling water, and, from there, the water diverted in many directions finding its way to the base of the island and flowed into the ocean.

Gary spoke, 

“That certainly is what I was hoping to find. We need water and our reserves were running down to about a weeks worth.”

“Where does Hi-Sun store it all, Gary?”

“The water is what gives Hi-Sun here balance and stability within the ocean. When she is full with fresh water and as our reserves begin to drop, she is able to counterbalance the weight with ocean water with an amazing membrane separation between her two storage cells. As we drink, she fills and she always holds just the right weight to counteract and force her way through the momentum of the sea.”

“There is so much about Hi-Sun that I have not learned yet. I have tried to observe how it is that she does what she does, but there is something missing in my understanding of her.”

“So much more will come clear to you when you help her out with some maintenance once we find and pull into a cove. I think that we are going to find exactly what we are after for berthing just around the corner of this island. It seems to me that a fair portion of the flowing water is wrapping around the cliff faces and channeling through to the other side.”

Hi-Sun turned the corner and we seemed to step off the large swells of the sea and then just relaxed into the calm waters that sat on the protected side of the island. The dorsal pilots and the keel whales all spread out around us and formed playful groups of social interaction and games. I knew that the waters around us were completely safe. We had our dorsals posted all about us along with some incredible local guides to ensure a safe passage.

It was certainly time for our crew to take a rest and restore their inner spirits. Hi-Sun was well due for some tender loving care and the dorsal pilots loafed and played with their new found but somehow familiar friends. But what lies in the thick forest and jungle of this completely raw natured island? The noises that echoed from deep within certainly indicated that the frolic for food supplies may not be as light and friendly as the markets back in the waterways. 

Keel Whales: Smaller, lighter whales of a similar species to dorsal pilots. They are known to stay closer to the land masses, unlike the dorsals who are well able to travel the full length of the globe.

Warm-Bell Monkeys: Large furry and intelligent apes. They have four arms and two shorter and stronger legs. They dominate the forest with their power and speed in motion.

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