Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 5 – The Bay

The bay was surrounded by thick rainforest that towered up to the side of the island cliffs faces and into the clouds still holding onto the island tops. Across the middle spanned a sandy beach with thick grass matted around the trees where the sand met the forest’s edge. 

Smaller groups of various monkey species were visible in the trees and a few squealers poked around the forest edge. The ebb and flow of the ocean swell lapped up onto the beach with waist height waves dumping on the beach’s edge. Through the water, there was plenty of visible ocean life, with schools of fish darting about and a few faster surface fish scouting the bay. 

Even though there was such an abundance of life vibrating from both the waters and the forest, there seemed to be no hunting going on between the various animals. All just picking as if trying to decide whether one more bit is necessary or not. No doubt, we are in the middle of a very active and balanced food chain here, so it was vital firstly that we upset the balance as little as possible, but most importantly, not to turn our backs or take it for granted that we would be safe at any time. This was not the time for complacency.

Hi-Sun slowed in comfortably to the left side of the bay in a deep blue rounded cove with plenty of room to maneuver, though still close enough to the shore to reach the beach in an easy paddle. I stood on the edge of the deck looking down at the dorsals playing about the bay. Gary looked at me as if to say “What are you waiting for!” So I just smiled back at him and then dove over the edge and into the warm clear water of the bay. My main dorsal friend and a few of his team turned in beside me and I held one of his dorsal fins as he guided me down to the lower sections of Hi-Sun’s keel.

I studied the shaft as it telescoped down into the lower driving keel section of Hi-Sun. Multiple sections had all compressed closer together and at the bottom, the driving keel sat almost idle. But in fact, it still has a slight motion occurring just as you would see fish sleeping at night and still moving slightly with the water’s flow.

I placed my hand on the top of this driving keel and it momentarily slowed while I held my hand there. Then as I moved along the keel towards the front, I could feel the slow turn of her through the water, just enough to hold her perfect balance, but in the same light, accommodating to my presence. 

Her casing seemed to be more than that of a crustacean, or even reptilian like in some way, very tough, thick and flexible with a feeling of ocean life. I had forgotten as much that moments ago I was on the deck of a beautiful, timber vessel. But now I am gliding along the length of what appears to be a complete living entity. 

I ran my hand along feeling the various barnacles and ocean life that had built up on here surface and then as I reached the end, I rolled over the keel front and floated there facing right back at her. On either side, two sets of eyes opened gently and peered right at me. I just smiled and held the gaze. Here in front of me was an amazing being that had been a part of our journey for weeks so far and now my curiosity was answered. I nodded my head to acknowledge her presence and in her own way, she relaxed and gave me a long warm smile. I nodded again and told her that I would do all that I can to take care of her and for now, to clean her skin and give her the renewed affection and tender loving care that she so well deserves.

Hi-Sun acknowledged my unspoken words with a gentle closing and opening of her eyes. I placed my hand on her forehead and then lifted back to the surface with the aid of my dorsal.

“She’s alive, Gary. She is wonderful, amazing, incredible, I had no idea that she had been with us all this time. But now I understand the feeling that I have had since that very first day we stepped onto the wharf. She is alive, she is alive.”

“Well then, my fine Lord of Water, I am pleased to see that you have finally learned something new for yourself. This is a good thing. So, time to get busy.”

I spent the following days working with the dorsals, carefully removing barnacles and other life forms that love to cling onto our Hi-Sun and be a part of her journey, but, she is not a tourist’s vessel. This lady has the purpose of the ocean so we took the greatest of care to clean each and every one of her keel sections until she was once again gleaming and free for full motion.

The surprises of this universe are always there and even a Lord of almost infinite past experience finds himself humbled at the abundance of what is still to be discovered in this incredible universe of ours. Shane knew that he was a part of something that was so precious and it brought him into a new state of determinism and certainty. 

The mission to save this precious water planet must be won.

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