Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 6 – The Water

We had spent the last few days caring Hi-Sun into top shape along with gathering food and a few other requirements for ourselves to continue our journey. 

“We are almost set for leaving, Shane. There is the final mission to collect water and fill the bowels of our Hi-Sun to the brim. I need to get to the clean source of the water that is filling the stream that flows to the bay in the corner there. If we can get the water right where it leaves the stone, then I know that we have the purity and hydration that we are after.”

“How do we get the water needed to fill Hi-Sun all the way from where she sits afloat?” asked Shane.

“We have piping and a large funnel that only has to be placed under the water source. Once she starts to fill, the transfer of the ocean water out of the bowel is all that is needed to draw the water along the piping and in to fill Hi-Sun.”

“Mila and I can take the hose to the base of the water source. It should be fun to venture a little closer into the forest chatter that we have been hearing so much over the previous days. There is a lot of life in there.”

“I’ll send Max and Pei in there with you. They still have more nuts and berries to gather, and I would prefer that Mila have all the protection available if she will be going in there with you.”

“Thanks, Gary. She certainly is ‘more than I could ever physically handle’, but I agree that the four of us are safer together,” Shane said cheekily.

“I am sure that she is well able to take care of herself as well, and the water source is but a few hundred arms from the water’s edge. So the four of you be quick and busy, for I plan to take Hi-Sun out of this resting place tomorrow and back into the direction of our journey.”

“I think that we are well prepared. Let’s finish filling Hi-Sun and tomorrow with, good sleep under our belts, we will once again continue our journey.” Gary opened the loading shutter of Hi-Sun and started to feed the piping out to us. 

Gary spoke, 

“The piping will extend way more than is needed for the distance that you have to go in. Take this funnel with you and when you reach the water source, join it to the piping and place it under the cool clean falling water from the cliffs.”

Mila and I walked the piping into the forest and Gary continued to allow it to feed out at just the right pace to keep us walking. We followed the path of the stream and the noise of the freshwater falling became clearer with each step. We turned the corner and it opened up into an alive and ambulant lagoon surrounded with many birds, monkeys, lizards and colorful animals of so many types. At the back of the lagoon poured a crisp and powerful waterfall at the end of its journey from well above the rocky tops of the island, each day replenished by the rain clouds above.

All awed by the beauty and life of this water source, we were no less on our toes, alert to the power of the wildlife and potential to be mistaken as a part of the food chain. 

Mila and I took the funnel and with it now connected to the piping, placed under a clean fresh cascade of falling mountain water. The piping swelled and it was obvious that the water was easily following the inside wall of the piping all the way into Hi-Sun. 

“We must visit this place again, Shane. Possibly on our return journey. The life force here is something of a very unique nature. I feel like I am 16 years old once again,” Mila said, comfortably.

“It certainly is a special place, but, as Gary said, it is best left to the nature of the inhabitants that have been as one in the natural community since the dawn of our planet. To visit again would be lovely, but not what is needed to keep the circle of life intact.”

Mila replied, 

“Come on spoilsport. You know that I love a honeymoon any chance that I can get.”

I just laughed and leaned my forehead onto hers. I had only taken my attention off the environment for that brief moment but suddenly and so unnoticed, we had become surrounded by at least a dozen warm-bell monkeys. There seemed to be a sense of upset amongst one or two of them. The others just joined along. There were two males predominantly pushing in closer to us. Mila and I just held our space and continued to ensure that the water fed easily into the funnel. I stayed as relaxed as possible and there was no need to impress the same for Mila. She was well experienced with wild animals and she knew the necessity to convey only feelings of certainty and calmness around any such beast.

There was a third little coward that seemed to be chattering behind the two, fronted up males. In fact, edging them on in some way. Mila spoke gently, “Seems we have a little stirrer amidst our fine furry friends.”

“Always the third party causing trouble. But I wonder, what’s his beef.”

“Doesn’t really matter much, what do you suggest we do?”

Mila replied, concerned. The two front males eased closer, both with a growling sneer on the sides of their mouths. The third instigator continued to chatter.

Just as I was ready to strike the first blow of defense, Max came dropping in out of nowhere and “Crack”, dropped an elbow right onto the forehead of the instigating monkey. Both Pei and Max dropped forward into the range of the front two males and again, “Crack” “Crack”, brutal blows to the forehead of one and the chin of the other. These are very strong and agile beasts. Although now startled by this sudden and unexpected defense, we were no less in quite a bit of trouble here.  Right then, a larger mass smashed through a thick wall of trees and vines to the left-hand side of us all. A monkey much larger than any of us had ever seen dropped right into the middle of the action and we all just froze in his presence.

The bell monkeys all cringed and showed their intimidation to this obviously superior member of their race. With all now waiting, he turned slowly toward Mila, Pei, Max and myself. He turned his head in a slightly curious expression. I knew that this was now my responsibility to take over the communication between our two races.

Max and Pei both fenced up ready for a violent onslaught, but I held my hand for them to lower their attack. No doubt, we may make some damaging blows, but we were all very obviously way in over our heads here. The large warm-bell monkey was very calm and at ease in our presence. There would be nothing on this island that would be of threat to him. Nothing that we had seen that could come close anyway.

I stepped forward to indicate that I was the leader of our ‘clan’ and remained as relaxed as possible in order to instill the confidence in him that we were of little to no threat. He seemed to gesture at the water and indicated in his expression that it appears that we are looting his home. With both Max and Pei now stocked to the brim with wild berries and nuts, this was a point that I certainly could not deny. 

It was all irrelevant. We were here for a higher purpose and one that is for the greater good of each and every one of us standing here at this water source today. 

I held eye contact with him and at the same time, reached down to take a handful of water. I brought it up to the front of me and wielded it in various forms that seemed to emanate the intention radiating from me right there and then. 

I spoke,

 “I am Lord of Water, protector of all water planets within this universe. I am a warrior that fights for all life forms on this precious water planet and those of all the others that span this universe so far and wide. I am your friend and the forwarding of my purpose will bring about survival for us all and for so many more generations to come. See what you see and allow us to pass on this fine day of our meeting.”

The warm-bell monkey just relaxed in wonder and leaned forward, gazing into the motion of the water within my hands. He then looked back up to me and gestured a warm and friendly feeling that was an indication of his blessing. He reached out and with the tips of our knuckles, we touched in friendship. The leader turned to acknowledge Mila, Max, and Pei. He then turned to lead the members of his island clan away from us so that we were able to complete funneling all the water that was needed for Hi-Sun.

The water stopped drawing into the hose as an indication that our work was done. We carefully drew the piping back to Hi-Sun taking care to leave all that we had touched exactly as it was before we had been here. A change of spirit fell over all of us as a group and members of an amazing and powerful team. We had been accepted and would forever after be welcome to this island.

The true test of a team is its ability to stick together no matter the odds. Shane, Mila, and the two mighty warriors certainly have passed and they all returned to Hi-Sun with a new sense of belonging and purpose.

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