Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 7 – Tsunami

Gary was very light-hearted on our return to Hi-Sun.

 “Did you make any new friends while venturing into the depths of the jungle my friend?”

“You could kind of say that, Gary. I think that we are welcome to come and go as we please now, with the blessing of the monkeys of course.”

“Is that so? It went awfully quiet for just a little while there. I was thinking of looking for you.”

“Well then, Gary, you know that we are quite capable to take care of ourselves. Pei and Max here certainly are just a little more surprising than they make out. Quite cracking actually.”

“Oh yeah! They have both gotten me out of trouble on quite a few occasions. You always have to watch out for the ‘quiet ones’ in this universe.”

“That’s for sure and these two are no exception. You should have seen the way that they …. Oh! I’ll tell you all about it later. Let’s get busy. We have to wrap all this up and get moving. We still have a very long journey ahead of us and every single minute counts. By the time I tell you what happened later on the deck, it will be twice as wild.” said Shane, thinking to himself. Again, he spoke, “Is there any reason that we cannot leave by day’s end?”


“Not at all, Shane. In fact, this was my plan. Hi-Sun has her bowels full now and Max n’ Pei have the galley stocked to the brim. The dorsal pilots may miss their new friends, but even they get restless with too much play. It is time for us all to move forward with our journey. At day’s end, we once again chase Lady Sun’s tail into the night skies.”

Mila and I did whatever was needed to assist Gary, Pei, and Max.  Securing Hi-Sun, various packaging of food supplies, cleaning the decks and any orders Gary called out. 

Gary only had to give me a slight look before I knew what was needed; a final check on Hi-Sun down below. I smiled as this was my absolute pleasure and I dove right off the edge. My main dorsal was already right on top of it and as always turned right in beside me as I speared through the water and down beside this magical keel. 

She was now all glazing and beautifully mobile in each and every part of her. Her surface that was earlier covered in sea life and slime was now so clean, well oiled and shining. Just like the beautifully glazed armor of a sea turtle shell. The shaft poised ready to extend as needed and below, the driving keel holding her position with a gentle balancing motion at the bottom of the lagoon.

I turned and glided my hand across her back, gently caressing as I approached the spirit of our amazing vessel. Once again, I turned over the front of the keel and faced her, waiting for her final approval. Her eyes widened and she turned her head, almost in a cheeky poise of friendship and without a doubt, I knew that she was ready and grateful for the care that we had given her.

I gave her my bow and took a final sweep all the way through to her tail under and on all sides. A final gentle hand on her forehead and I returned to the surface. Check and check again all of her living parts to ensure that we had not missed even a hair.

My dorsal lifted me to the height of the deck and I stepped back on board. The clean lagoon water just fell off me, leaving me with a final revitalized feeling from this bay that would be forever a part of my fondest memories.

Gary announced his presence, 

“Line up my fiery crew. Too much rest can make a team way too lazy for my liking. Just a second off your toes can be a costly mistake. So I don’t want to see any more slacking off from either of you.”

Gary was almost laughing but he managed to hold it in. Mila, Max, Pei and I all stood at attention. Our backs straight, each and every one of us on the verge of bursting out laughing. Despite the fact that this planet was so close in the balance of what may present itself to be a mortal threat far bigger than we are able to handle, we were all having the greatest time of our lives.

“What’s happening, Gary? Why are dropping?” asked Mila.

Mila was the very first to notice, alerting all of us as we also became aware of the motion. 

“All in!” called Gary, in a wail. “Max, Pei, secure the decks and return to the galley!”

Max and Pei were already in full swing. The water was draining from the bay very rapidly with the levels already dropping down on the beach at a rapid rate. 

Gary called again, 

“Shane and Mila, both of you at the helm with me, now!”

The three of us all landed on the helm with Gary at the wheel.

“Hold tight my loyal friends. It is about to get a little wild.”

Hi-Sun lifted instantly and turned in with the flow of the water draining out through the bay. The pull of the water was now funneled more narrowly through the heads of the bay with the entrance surging more and more narrowly. 

Gary guided Hi-Sun and she accelerated swiftly straight through the center of the heads. Either side of us, the heads became a valley with the rocky edges piercing out of the water like claws from the island. Gary held Hi-Sun surely and she confidently punched right out of the bay. But to either side of us now, we became a part of an even larger stream of water that was pulling away from the island and drawing us rapidly into a basin.

Gary screamed at Max and Pei to close up and lock in. 

“You both hold tight with me. We are safest right here so remain either side of me. Hi-Sun will protect us. She is very well prepared. There she forms,” Gary called.

Mila and I both had a very secure grip on either side of the helm. Gary was holding fast but at the same time, allowing Hi-Sun to move through the water as she knows best. In front of us, the water lifted and lifted and lifted until it was very clear that we were right in the impact zone of a humongous wave peaking and ready to crash right where we lay.


Called Gary and Hi-Sun accelerated more and more ready to attack this wavefront on with all of her force. She extended her shaft high and now we were sitting square in front of a monster that seemed to dwarf the mountainous islands that we have so swiftly escaped from only moments ago.


called Gary again as we sat moments away from smashing into the biggest wave that I have ever faced in all the galaxies. We could almost touch it now and it was inevitable that in the coming seconds, we were going to be smashed into oblivion. 

Gary lowered his voice and whispered reassuringly to both of us, 

“Hold on tight my friends. We are going to be fine.”

Mila and I both gripped with all our might and held down low as instructed by Gary. Right at the moment of impact, Hi-Sun dropped her shaft and we dove to the very base of the wave. Suddenly the helm became covered in a sleek shielding as Hi-Sun closed up into a tight projectile and pierced directly into the base of the giant wave. 

Hi-Sun now bound in very tightly, looking more so in the form of a dorsal pilot, drove deeply into the pit of the wave as if passed right over us. The strong, swirling current tried to draw us upwards and throw us over with force, but Hi-Sun just drove deeper and deeper into the pit of this water mass and continued to punch right on through and out the back of it.

Gary, Max, Pei, Mila and myself all held in very tightly only able to feel what was occurring due to the motion that we were experiencing. There was light about us, but the silence left us all waiting, all in the hands of Hi-Sun as she punched us through to safety.

We lifted through the back of this brutal wave and now sat out on the deep water behind the path of the Tsunami and although quite shaken with what had just happened, we were all safe and very much alive. 

The shields over the helm lowered and we sat in the wake of this humongous water mass that was now smashing into the islands that we had so luckily escaped. The white waters smashed up the sides and seemed to engross more than half the height of the mountainous walls, almost touching up to the cloud cover that sat so high on the rocky tops.

Mila just stared back at the island and tears began to drop from her eyes. It was not necessary for any of us to say a word. This was a devastating loss. But the inhabitants of the island are very tough and would no doubt hold life together. The water dropped back down from the sides with the forests and rocky ledges holding firm.

Gary spoke gently, 

“They will make it. We have no time to turn back. Our time is more important in the direction we follow. This is just a small sign of what may happen if we do not fulfill our duty. I feel it too my lady. I feel it too.”

The water about us swirled and did not really settle for many hours to come. The dorsal pilots had been with us all the way, a tight escort on either side, reinforcing our motion as we had pierced through this monster. Hi-Sun was completely untouched and emanated a high level of energy. She was very much “on her keel.” 

We ate, cleaned up and ensured that all was locked down as we continued our journey into the night. The skies were infinite in the clusters of the universes above us. No moon had risen as of yet and the distance into the stars seemed as far as I had ever imagined. It was not a time for words. Mila lay in bed writing in her journal. It had been a day unlike any we had ever experienced before.


The true test of a team is its ability to stay together getting through whatever barriers there may be that threaten its survival. Sometimes though, it is not all just glory. They have all grown that little bit more and come to realize the power of what they may be facing in the months to come, fighting for the ultimate victory of this precious water planet.

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