Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 8 – Time to Really Move

The adventure had been so much fun to date. But for the first time, we all have felt the loss that we face, in the future, if we do not stop the dark beings. The tsunami that came so close to stopping us was the first true sign that we have seen of the destabilization occurring on this precious planet. We do have visitors and they are already affecting the balance.

The mood of the ocean has taken on a new tone. Gary had changed in his attitude towards this adventure. We all had steeled ourselves to the task at hand and have come to terms for the first time with the possibility of losing it all. 

“Max, Pei,” called Gary, “Check all the sides of Hi-Sun for damage. We will be needing to push on for a few solid weeks before we get another chance to care for her. Be quick, but thorough. If we have to stop, we will, but time is our worst enemy at this very moment. If she is all good, this may be the very last time we are able to service her until the mission is complete.”

Max and Pei paid no personal attention to the strength in Gary’s voice and tone. They were both completely dedicated to the purpose of the mission. It is not the time for good manners or formalities. We have a task to complete and until it is all over, the lives of us all, and that of this planet, are all that matters. 

Gary took complete command of the vessel for the following day, making sure to not miss a thing and ensuring that every inch of this vessel is in top working order.

“Mila, Shane, are the decks clean to each and every corner?” Gary called out.

Mila and I gave the thumbs up. We knew that we had been through all of it. 

“I’d like both of you to continue in the bowels of Hi-Sun. Max and Pei had spent many hours back on the island, but a lot has happened in the last two days. Go through and white glove every inch of her insides. Keep a close eye for fractures on her internal walls. She has been through more than anything I have brought her close to before this. You know the deal, don’t miss an inch.”

Mila and I took our rags and buckets through the galley and stepped into the lower bowels of our vessel. Pei handed me a white, ceramic bottle with a long neck. She turned my hands to pour just a few tiny droplets onto a clean cloth and then guided me further to spread it gently on the inner wall. 

The clear fluid was pure, viscus and oily in character. It just spread and worked amazingly into the walls giving it renewed moisture and life. Another area showed some minor dryness and cracking. As we worked the fluid into the surface, it just absorbed it amazingly. The wall was transformed into a texture full of life and renewed as a perfect part of the ship once again.

I knew what had to be done and after giving Pei a warm smile of understanding, I turned and stepped with Mila into the lower chamber of Hi-Sun. 

Drawn up the walls were the roots of Hi-Sun’s life form, holding the complete hull firmly in place from the inside. It was as if our ocean vessel was no more than a snail shell, held in place by the life form of Hi-Sun well below us. I placed my hands on the walls and now I could see all of what she is. 

She is a vessel, she is dedicated to the passage of the water people.

Mila held her hands against the walls, caressing her and feeling the life within. Then she spoke 

“Her purpose is duty. She lives on the higher purpose of all living things. We are no happier than when we are helping those about us. This amazing, spiritual life force appears to be happier than all of us put together living at the very edge of duty each and every minute of her life.”

We both scoured every inch of her inside, oiling her walls with this magical fluid and feeling the life within her as she continued to drive through the ocean.

Mila and I returned to the deck welcomed by the wonderful smell of fresh fish cooked in the tropical vegetables and herbs of the island. Stepping back through, the galley was sparkling and the table filled with the afternoon dinner that we had all so well deserved. 

Gary had come right back up to his cheerful and mischievous self. 

“Did you have a lovely time down below you two. Hope you both remembered that there was work to be done.”

Mila laughed and looked a little coy, 

“She is wonderful Gary. I can truly see and feel the life in Hi-Sun now and I am so honored to be a part of her on this journey.”

“She is just that, my fine lady. And believe me, she is no happier than being with us now. Even that last little challenge has raised her morale to a level I have never experienced before. Can you believe how she just punched right on through that humongous wave back there?”

“I know, Gary. We all started looking real serious for a little while there. The island will survive, and look at us all. Nothing is going to stop us.”

Gary chuckled and called for Max and Pei to bring on some music to dance. We all feasted and celebrated to the life that we all hold and to the spirit of play that still remained in our journey. 

Almost overwhelmed from an incident that could have been the end for them all, Shane and his mighty team where now even more strengthened and ready for the task at hand. Impossible? Nothing could faze these guys.

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