Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation

Chapter 9 – On The Deck

We had made great progress. The seas had been filled with an amazing life and the contrast of days that have never ceased to amaze us. The nights filled with wondrous galaxies and the motion of our own orbiting moons providing plenty of contrast and changes in color to set the mood of the skies.

Our dorsal pilots are a part of us now. On the few occasions that we enjoyed brief rest, I always took advantage and dove with them to ensure that Hi-Sun was all taken care of down below. She had become so much more accustomed to me visiting and I could feel the admiration and appreciation between us growing so much each time we came face to face.

My main dorsal and I had become very accustomed to each other. He was confidently able to take me to any depths that were needed and with such great ease, place me right back on the deck again to be standing at Mila’s side and share with her what I had found each time in the water and with Hi-Sun.

Another evening began to set and it was time to while away an hour or two on the deck with Gary before catching deep and rejuvenating sleep on the seas. We had just finished another feast brilliantly prepared by Max and Pei. I don’t know how Mila and I are going to do without them when this journey that we share so closely comes to an end. 

Mila, Max, and Pei all retired for the day and I stood at the helm with Gary, both of us gazing at the galaxies above and were in silent wonder of the days to come.

Gary spoke,

“What is it that they are after in stealing our water, Shane?”

“Good question, Gary. On Blue-3 it was all gold and oil. There was so much water there, that nobody seemed to notice the solution to their existence right under their noses.”

“Well there is plenty on this wonderful planet of ours. Can’t they just take a little and then leave?”

“You would think so, Gary, but it isn’t as simple as that. The volume of water, believe it or not, has little to do with the purpose of them thieving every last drop that they can get a hold of.”

“But how could they possibly carry it all?”

“You have all the right questions, Gary. These dark beings are sent in from another universe. They have no consideration of time, they are, as I shared with you before, locked into the electronic bodies that control them. They, without the slightest doubt, believe that they are one hundred percent doing what is best for them and for all of existence for that matter. That is just the design of the program that traps them.”

“Ok, but how do they carry all the water? I mean, this planet is so big. How big are they?”

“Some are quite big Gary, but once again, it is not so much the volume that is the consideration here. It is what they are doing with this resource. You see, they are stealing energy from the water, of which they will use back in their own universe. Water contains the two vital components of physical energy. That of the air we breathe, that provides life and a medium for animation and that of spiritual thought and that of the energy, which is a very basic building block of this physical universe. The energy is almost infinite in terms of potential energy. It is the combination of these two that they seek and the stealing of it in mass quantities.”

Gary looked at me as he does and without a single word, I got exactly what he was asking yet again.

“Ok, Gary, what you are going to see in the following days will most probably shake you and give you a reality on what sheer destruction there is out there as well as realizing how fragile life can actually be. The life force of this planet is so powerful and eternally regenerative, as you know well. But when mined completely dry of all water resources, a desert planet is unable to sustain not even one living entity for long periods of time. They come in with great mining machines and begin to draw the water up into their converters like a giant suction pipe filling a tank that just never seems to be filled. They are reversing the most basic structure of the water particles and turning it into energy that they are able to store, more than any planet full of water is able to store when it is in its water form. They are just big great energy unit storage tanks and sucking and converting, sucking and converting until there is nothing left. They will scan the surface and continue to pull each last drop of water and vapor out of the surface until there is none left. They will even scan under the planet’s surface to drill for underground water channels and suck them dry too until there is nothing left but a dead wasteland sitting like another floating rock amongst the other barren planets of this universe. They have advanced technology surrounding them as well as very advanced defense systems. On any first appearance, you would consider that they are indestructible, unstoppable!”

Gary started to look a little pale and dizzy. He started to speak, but the words just dissolved in his lips to dribble. I lifted my hand to reassure him and continued to answer what he was looking for.

“As I said, they are surrounded by technology and very superior defense systems. But they have never before been touched by a Lord before and have no idea what disentanglement is. None whatsoever. Once the first one falls into the Weaper, then they all just seem to go into confusion and apathy with the whole operation. They are not programmed for defeat. They are only set up to mine and smash anything in their way that looks like it is going to stop them and they will continue to mine the water until it is all done. And if they are able to achieve their ends, then the energy storage units are shipped across this universe and right on out through the wormhole they snuck through.”

Gary responded, 

“Ok then, how is it that you think we are going to get close enough to do

anything about it? Let alone get one to sit still for you to deliver the disentanglement to.”

“I know, Gary, it really does seem completely off this planet what we are up against.”

“Completely off this universe is more like it.”

“Yep, you’re hearing me, however, it is not as hard as it seems. You see they’re on the lookout for other invaders that are themselves armed with high powered technology. They won’t even flinch at the native wildlife that they come across on each water planet that they are to mine. We are viewed as nothing more than native wildlife. No threat to them in any way at all. If we get in their direct way, we will be squashed like a bug. So it is the method of getting to the inside of each of them that is the task we behold. We have to find a hole.”

“Find the hole! Oh my God!”

“Don’t worry, my fine captain. I will take you through it all. I know that it can be done because I have done it before. The last time was many thousands of years beforehand, but just as I am able to move the water, I just know that I can, I know that I will be able to penetrate this evil technology and free the dark beings that are trapped behind it all.”

Gary looked a lot calmer and seemed to realize that he was just letting his imagination get the better of him, 

“It’s just a job, and like any other job, once you get started, you find out that the hardest part of the task was thinking about it.”

“Now you’re cooking, Gary. You wait, you’re going to love it.”

Gary smiled and just shook his head in crazy humor. 

“So what do we do with these “Weepers” once we have finished with them?”

“Oh you know, just get them busy helping. It doesn’t take too long. They start to help out and they slowly but surely gain the realization that they are a life form and that they have just been freed from a trap that before this moment was an eternal agonizing sentence. Like any good spiritual being, they are generally just great guys. But they can have the strangest bodies you have ever come across. So I hope that you are ready to see something that is literally out of this world.”

“I’m ready, Shane. You just make sure that you get Hi-Sun safely through without getting in the way of one of those… things.”

“Hi-Sun is the least of my worries. I know that she will guide us right on in as we need. My main dorsal and his warriors will help me to take it from there,” Shane spoke firmly, “You guys will just hold in close enough on standby. We drop one and then get back on board, ready to hit the next and the next until we have gotten them all. If we fail, the Marshal will have to take over.”

“Ok, Ok! And what’s this “Marshal” that you were talking about. What’s he got to do with all of this? Has he just come along to watch?”

“You don’t miss anything, Gary! Basically, the “Marshal” is here to watch. If I don’t do my job, all hell is going to break loose and he’ll have to call in a bunch of cranky Lords who have been pulled off their jobs because I have failed at doing mine. So we ain’t gonna let that happen, yeh?”

“I’m with you, Shane. I have seen you do the unimaginable already. I trust in your word and will hold the line for you. We’ll pull this off.”

“We will. And sorry for making you a bit dizzy there with all of this. I don’t really know how I could possibly break it to you any more gently than that. But you wait. It really is a lot of fun and the look on some of their faces, once they hit into the Weaper, really is quite a sight. Hysterical in fact.”

Shane and Gary both joined together in raucous laughter as Hi-Sun sailed on into the night. Shane retired after yet another progressive day towards their final destination.  Gary had come to terms of what they were truly up against. This is true life purpose and the events that his entire life has been leading to are drawing close within a few days.

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