Lord of Water II – Global Evaporation


 Coming forward from Lord of Water: A Precious Water Planet!

A once in a million year calibration was set to take place. The balance of this precious water planet, precisely held in place and monitored by the perfect White Sapphire Crystal embedded in the planet’s surface deep below the ocean.

With the prediction of 1 million years held in place by this universal communication system, the task at hand for our Lord of Water was to simply locate the Crystal and ensure that it was clear, calibrated and glowing as it had been for almost eternity past. But with the presence of dark and evil beings closing in on the precious resources of this planet, the playful journey of our young Lord had instantly turned red.

The universal alarm has been sent out, but more threatening now is the destruction of this precious water planet posed with the forthcoming global evaporation.

Follow the journey with this highly spirited team as they are left with no choice other than to span the globe and seek to undo this force of unthinkable and evil power.

The journey begins!

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